5 Simple Tips & Tricks to Make Dog Bathing Easier

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Owning a dog has always been appealing to people. These beautiful animals have acted as people’s best friends for thousands of years. From the earliest days of civilization, humans have managed to train and domesticate dogs who would help them in their everyday struggles like hunting and defending their loved ones, as well as property. Fast forward to the 21st century and it seems that every household has a dog. Visit to find out how owning a pet is rewarding, no matter if it is a large dog species or a small one.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

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First of all, the family has another member and it all feels bigger and more full of love. Having an animal as a part of the family from the earliest days is beneficial for the kids too as they can develop strong bonds with them, learn commitment, as well as how to take care of someone. In return, they get a friend for life, someone who will protect them and be happy whenever they meet and spend time together.

All in all, a dog is always a good idea, provided that it has proper living conditions and that the humans look after its needs. Speaking of what an average dog needs, if exceeds feeding and walking it. In modern times there are numerous ways in which a human being can look after its dog. While nutritional diets and regular exercise are crucial, you must also take it to the vet every once in a while just in case, provide it with a separate corner to sleep and rest in, and maybe even get it a few toys to play with on its own.

Keeping Things Clean

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By far the most important thing that does not involve food or activity is cleaning the dog, that is, bathing it. Often times it is a messy experience since most dogs cannot and will not sit calmly as you bathe them in your bathroom. The result is a messy, dirty, hairy bathroom and a half-shocked half irritated animal that has just gone through some rough times. In order to make it easier and more pleasant both for it and for you, there are certain things to know when it comes to bathing your dear old doggo. Keep reading this article to learn more and make sure to check out to find out additional information.

Tips and Tricks

Now it is time to see what you can do in order to make bath time for your dog a pleasurable and fun experience for both sides. Not only will you have it easier and cleaner, but the dog will also enjoy it and look forward to it since it will know how amazing things can really get once they jump into the bath. The following things should be done before your dog gets wet in the shower.

1. The Right Shampoo

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Since you are not washing, a human, but an animal, you cannot and should not use the shampoo meant for people. The same goes for baby shampoos. All of these products have different pH than what the doggo needs. If you wish to give them the best treatment possible, you will need a dog shampoo. More precisely, you should ask around and find out what the best shampoo for your specific breed is. Not all coats are the same nor do they react the same to water and products. Some strengthen the fur itself while others are also good for the skin underneath. Pick the product depending on what your furry friend needs. Additional tools like conditioners exist too for some extra shine.

2. Careful Around the Eyes and Ears

One of the reasons why dogs may hate bath time is because water and shampoo get in their eyes and ears and irritates their senses. Not being able to know what is happening is not relaxing nor pleasant and they naturally fight it. To prevent this, ask the vet for some eye ointment and apply it before the bath. In addition, you can put some cotton in its ears to prevent water from getting all the way in. This will allow them to relax more since they will both see and hear what is going on. Take out the cotton after the bath and everything will be well.

3. Brush Before the Bath

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To make things cleaner and tidier, make sure to give your pet a nice brush. You will remove some hairs that were close to shedding and clean some of the dirt and particles. The water and the shampoo will get in there easier if the fur is nicely brushed and tidy. If some fur is too curled up and matted, cut it gently since you will not be able to wash it. The bathwater will have less hair after you are done too, so less cleaning for you if you brush! Pro tip: block the drain to collect the hair easily and not plug the pipes!

4. Multiple Towels

Three towels are necessary for an efficient dog bath. One goes in the bottom of the tub to prevent slipping and provide traction for the dog. The second is to drape it around them and prevent the dog from instantly shaking and soaking everyone and everything in the bathroom once you take them out of the water. Lastly, the third is to dry the doggy and absorb excess water after the bath.

5. Additional Tips and Tricks

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During the bath you should only use warm water, not cold nor hot. It is pleasant, it relaxes, and the dog will behave better in it. When applying shampoo and getting into their coat with your fingers, make sure to gently massage them like you are petting them. This will relax them further and give them a sense of safety and pleasure. You can offer them treat every once in a while to make sure they keep behaving like a good boy they are. If you have trouble getting them into the bath, you can use a leash and cheer them how they like. Do not yell as they will become irritated and scared, knowing they did something wrong. That is it, fellow dog owners! Now that you know everything, it is time to treat your pet with a new type of bathing experience!

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