How Long You Can Stay in Turkey if You Own Any Property?

Turkey is a beautiful place to stay and own any property. As a real estate investor, you can consider purchasing properties in this country. As a foreigner, you can come on your tourist visa and explore the place. Many beautiful spots are there that one should not miss at all.

You can also find an apartment or a luxury bungalow in a location where you love to stay for a lifetime. But there are limited days to stay there in case of no residence permit. It is easy to own a house in Turkey, but one cannot stay longer in case of no citizenship or residence permit. Knowing how many days one can stay in his own house without having the necessary documents.

The following write-up will discuss how long one can stay and live in Turkey locations if one owns any property. Like other countries, Turkey has its rules, and you have to follow them to stay in a beautiful location and your new house.


How Long You Can Stay in Your Property in Turkey?

You can visit this place on your tourist visa as other foreigners do. One can legally stay for only 90 days without any issues. But after 90 days, a person is not permitted to live there. It will happen in case you have no citizenship or a permit for residency. It is essential to own proof for showing your identity as a Turkey resident.

The tourist visa provides 180 days, and one can stay there for only 90 days. If you desire to stay there longer, it is better to opt for the permit for residency immediately. You must apply for it yearly and renew it. The better option is to acquire citizenship in this country for a lifetime stay in your new house.

Is It Possible to Stay Permanently in Turkey?

Two main options are there for living in your new apartment in Turkey:

1. Permit of Residency

It is crucial to understand the rules of this country before buying a new house. You must check this site to buy any property in Turkey and get residency. You have to apply for the permit yearly and renew it. In the first year, you need to show all the proof of being financially stable and you have no debts.

The second thing you need is healthcare coverage. After that, you will receive a privacy policy in the first year. But whenever you opt for it in the second year, it is okay to go with the govt-based SGK system. Every year, this permit’s price increases for couples as well as singles.

If you desire to stay in Turkey for a small period without working there, it is the perfect way to receive a yearly permit. One has to submit important documents for supporting the application process. Such as:

  • Address Proof: You must go to the district office nearby. It is crucial to submit the purchase agreement, and you must register the property address.
  • Bank Account Statements: The purpose of asking for a bank account statement is to check whether you are financially stable or not. The authorities will check whether you have enough income, savings, or pension.
  • Copies of the Passport: It is crucial to submit a copy of the passport with a validity of over six months. If the validity date is invalid, the permit will be rejected.
  • Four Biometric-type Images: Instead of standard passport photos, one must keep biometric ones.
  • Health Insurance: One must submit a copy of health insurance. The coverage must be available with one-year validity.
  • Purchase Agreement: Anyone who has purchased any property in any location of Turkey has to submit an agreement copy for the permit.

When you provide all the essential documents, the application will proceed. You will receive the permit in four to six weeks. If one has already applied for the permit eight times, then one can easily apply for lifetime residency.


2. Citizenship

If it is hard to acquire a permit of residency yearly, it is better to apply directly for citizenship to stay for a lifetime in Turkey. It is better when you need to study, and do business. Many methods are there to acquire citizenship, i.e., marriage to a Turkish person, five times applying for the permit, and an instant way of getting citizenship by the effective schemes.

But you need to purchase any beautiful property for $400,000, or more. Ensure that you do not sell your house for 3 years. The investment in real estate can also increase with years, and you must pay additional to acquire citizenship. But before anyone applies to acquire citizenship, it is necessary to own a permit of residency.

You must wait longer to acquire citizenship, like six to eight months. Your age should be more than 18 years, and it is necessary not to have any criminal record. It is easy to extend the application by adding your family members.

Understanding the schemes of real estate investment and paying additional money if required is crucial. You must keep patience if you apply for it. The process may take time, and any wrong document can also reject your file. Therefore, you must take care of everything before opting for the permit as well as the citizenship.


Final Thoughts

Owning a house in Turkey is quite simple but staying here for a lifetime is not easy. If you are going there to relax and not work, then going for the residency permit and renewing it yearly is better. In this way, you can live for a year without any issues.

But if you desire to relocate to Turkey for studies or doing business, it is better to choose the citizenship option. If you desire to travel to this country on a tourist visa, you can easily only stay there for only 90 days in case you have your house there. If you desire to become a permanent resident, you require all the permits and official documents.

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