9 Things You Should Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup – 2024 Guide

So many things to do with such little time in hand! We certainly don’t have time for makeup every day. So, here’s a solution to not waste time but still look aesthetically beautiful: Semi-permanent makeup.

In the changing lifestyle, more and more people are opting towards cosmetology starting to look after their appearances. Semi-permanent makeup is one such technique to keep your face forever dolled up. However, before you opt for this procedure, here are 9 things you should know about semi-permanent makeup. Let’s get going.

1. Techniques used for a natural look

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The technique used for your cheeks and lips is called pixelization in which little dots of pigments are released. Microneedling is used for your eyebrows where little hair-like lines are made to give a natural texture.

Don’t worry, no matter what kind of Semi-permanent procedure you opt for, it will not look artificial. The professionals will take proper precautions to make sure your face looks naturally beautiful and not fake.

To get such curated experience, visit and book an appointment for yourself. Remember that your face might not look perfect for 24 hours right after the treatment is done. However, after it is set on your face, it will become flawless.

2. Procedures used in semi-permanent makeup

There are a variety of procedures that are used for permanent makeup. Your face can be injected with different types of shades and colours to create a lift up or an enhanced effect altogether.

Possibilities for you to opt for include semi-permanent eyeliner, permanent lipstick, eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading. You can choose any of these options and get any look that you desire.

3. What exactly happens in a semi-permanent makeup procedure?

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One can understand this procedure in the terms of ‘cosmetic tattooing.’ The procedure is exactly like a tattoo, including micro blades and sterilized needles. The professionals will usually numb the area that requires treatment and then start when the client is comfortable.

The pigments in the layer below your skin are altered and new pigments are injected with a variety of colors. It works on a principle in which the layer between dermis and epidermis of the skin is adjusted to the new elements of makeup using different types of needles.

Before opting for semi-permanent makeup, it’s essential to grasp the distinction between it and permanent makeup, as the former offers a temporary cosmetic enhancement, typically lasting a few years, while the latter is a more enduring choice. When considering either option, prioritize reputable supplies like those from FYT Supplies to ensure the use of high-quality pigments and tools for the best results and safety.

4. The durability

As the name suggests, this treatment only has semi-permanent results. Even after it is done, the makeup requires retouches and repeated treatments if one wishes to keep it lasting.

Either way, depending on the techniques used, the effect of such procedures can last for some years. Microblading and eyeliner can last for an entire year while the other treatments range from the span of 3 to 16 months. The longevity of such treatment also depends on what kind of pre-treatment and post-treatment care is practiced. As it focuses on facial pigments, it is also dependent on the age and facial structure of the person.

5. Pre-treatment care

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If you regularly remove your facial hair make sure that it’s done 24 hours before the treatment. If the brows are a part of your treatment and you need to dye them, then it should be done 2 hours prior. Apart from these general things, do not do or apply anything to your face without consulting your cosmetologist.

It is best if one doesn’t use any products in the treated area. If needed, at least make sure that the products that are used do not disturb your skin compositions as it can cause the effect to fade off quickly. There are also certain medications such as aspirin, retinoids or blood thinners which one should avoid before and after taking such dermal treatments.

6. Side Effects

Just like any other procedure, semi-permanent makeup also has certain side effects. These include swelling, blistering or scarring. Even though the process is not at all painful, some people experience pain or slight discomfort after the treatment is done.

Chances for infections or skin diseases through such treatments is extremely low. Make sure that your cosmetologist is using the correct treatment for the correct facial parts. Allow them to sterilize the needles and practice proper hygiene to avoid any excessive damage.

7. Importance of highly trained professionals

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Choosing the best professionals must be your priority if you choose to opt for Semi-permanent makeup. Going to just about anyone who you find near your place is not the best choice here. To avoid the risk of infections and other side effects, you must choose the best professionals.

A slight mistake can change the appearance of your face and cause you further problems. This is why make sure that the person who operates on you is trained for all the specifics. Even if all this slightly goes over budget, it will definitely be worth it for the quality results.

8. Applying makeup over semi-permanent makeup

You must wait for 2 weeks before even touching your treated facial areas. Keep the treated parts away from any kind of cosmetics and skincare products to avoid risks of infection.

If you have any special occasions after these two weeks and you wish to apply darker makeup over the treated areas, consult your doctors before using any makeup products. Applying makeup on other facial areas that are not cosmetically treated is completely fine.

9. Post-treatment care

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Any hair removal or dyeing of facial hair must not be done until at least 7-9 days after the treatment. Seek proper consultation before doing anything or applying anything to the treated area.

Avoid direct contact with the sun as the UV rays can harm the pigments. Don’t put any direct or indirect pressure on the treated sensitive skin for at least 2 weeks. Use skincare products that are free from acid or charcoal. Make sure your pigments are well cared for and not at all disturbed.

Final words

So these were the 9 things you should know about semi-permanent makeup. It is a completely safe process when done through experienced professionals. It gives brilliant results for an enhanced look. No unbalanced eyebrows or eyeliners anymore. Your face can be contoured, highlighted, eyelashes enhanced, and everything that one can dream of.

Regardless of all the trends around you, going for semi-permanent makeup is an individual choice. However, after all, as it is a special treatment targeting your face, make sure you know all about it before you opt for Semi-permanent makeup.

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