How To Safely Use A Log Splitter With A Petrol Engine – 2024 Beginners Guide

Have you ever used a log splitter before, and do you know what is its main purpose? It is an amazing tool that will help you with any type of woodwork. With this equipment, you will easily split firewood and cut it into sections. There are different kinds available on the market, and finding the best one for you is possible, just read through this article!

What are the different types of log splitters?

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1. Manual log splitters

This kind is lightweight and easy to carry around, as well as store. There is a foot-powered and a hand-powered model that you can choose from. A manual log splitter requires might require a bit more effort. If you burn wood from time to time and you don’t want to pay extra for an electrical model, you might like manuals the best.

2. Electric log splitter

An electric splitter is the most popular type on the market. It operates with gas and its main difference is that an electric motor is used to power the hydraulics instead of a gas engine. You can carry this model with ease since it is so portable and lightweight. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Gas log splitters

This is a powerful model that is used for heavy-duty tasks, as well as for larger logs. You can carry it around and use it with comfort since it doesn’t have to be plugged into an outlet in order to work. The only downside to it is the fact that it is high-maintenance, as well as often pricier than other models.

How to prepare yourself before you use a log splitter? Top three steps to take

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1. Always read your instructions – be familiar with your log splitter before you attempt to use it. Read all of its specifications and understand how to operate it before you plug it in or before you turn it on.

2. Keep it away from kids and minors – anyone who is under the age of 18 should be supervised. This tool can be a bit tricky as well as hard to use, especially if you’re a beginner when it comes to woodwork or home appliances.

3. Wear safety equipment – you should always use safety glasses, gloves, as well as work bots to protect yourself from debris and any flying pieces. Try to protect your eyes especially since small particles can get in your way.

What is the right way to prepare the area?

1. Make sure that your log splitter is stable – try not to use it during heavy wind, snowstorms, or rain. Also, avoid mud surfaces. You don’t want to slip and fall when working with such heavy and powered tools.

2. Dry & spacious area – nearby items can get easily damaged which means that you should have plenty of space around you when working. Make sure that your surrounding area is clean and that you have enough space to move around and work while staying comfortable.

How to prepare your log splitter?

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1. Make sure to see if any screws, nuts, or clamps are loose. If so, tighten them up and work at a slower pace at first, just to be safe that everything is under control.

2. Clear debris after every use and go through moveable parts to see if they’re cleansed. Everything should be wiped clean and protected from dust and any chemicals.

3. Make adjustments once you turn the tool off. You should never check-out some parts while the tool is still plugged in. Work slow & steady once you turn it on and as it is exposed to heavy and fast rotations.

How to operate with your log splitter?

Make sure that you use it in areas where there is a lot of light, avoid the dark, especially if you are a beginner.

Load logs carefully and one by one once you begin the store them.

Keep your hands clean and stay away from any cracks or possible injuries.

Only cut the wood with your log splitter.

Use the guards to improve safety, and don’t forget any other protective gear.

Stand safely and make sure that you have no issue with balance or coordination.

Only operate the tool once you’re fully sober and stable. Do not drink coffee before that to avoid shaky hands.

How to use petrol log splitters?

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1. Operate with care – make sure that the area is open, that there is no flame or people smoking anywhere near you.

2. Never use the petrol tank recklessly – use it in a ventilated area and be smart with your approach.

3. Don’t fill your log while the engine is hot since this can cause it to overheat.

4. Store it safely – always let the machine cool down before you store it away.

PS: Always drive carefully and don’t exceed 35mph when towing your log splitter. This is a piece of advice for anyone who is just getting started using this tool.

Other rules to follow:

  • Always read the instructions that come with your purchased tool
  • Understand what each button does before you turn on the tool
  • Keep it away from kids and pets
  • Your helper should be 10 feet away from you, and not near you due to safety reasons
  • Use it to only split wood
  • Give it time to get used to the new tools
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Where to find your ideal log splitter?

You might have a hard time picking out your log splitter since there are loads of different kinds on the market. However & luckily, at Uniforest you can find their ideal log splitter with a petrol engine that has a combustion engine of 6 kW. There is also a hydraulic cylinder for the work of transport position. Enjoy the fact that it can be an attachment to cars with a maximum load of 750 kg, perfect for beginners and experts who know what they’re doing!

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