How To Protect The Environment As A Student

For decades now, scientists are talking to both us as citizens of Earth and our governments to raise awareness about the greenhouse effect and climate change. At first, people were skeptics, some even made fun of the whole idea, but as time passed, we started to notice some of the changes, unusual occurrences in nature, all the things experts predicted and warned us about in the past. But things are changing, and the awareness about the environment is improving, and just like we all had a part in harming our planet, it is up to every individual to take much better care and start behaving accordingly in order to preserve and protect nature. Some say that focusing on the environment is a modern-day, or let’s say the problem of the western world, and with people starving and in constant search for water in Africa, oppressed people fighting for their right to work and the basic human right for free speech against their own government in so many countries throughout the world, it is understandable that talking about environment is not in the first place. Nonetheless, we all have a responsibility to take care of something we inherited from our ancestors and an even greater responsibility to leave the Earth in, at least, this shape, if not better, for our future ancestors. It’s something everyone can and should participate in and take part in, as there is no small or huge help, as help being precisely that, help.

Now, as we grow up, we start learning new things, start forming opinions and beliefs, and it is when we are students that a desire to do something of greater good rises. And here is where many would think that as a student, one cannot do much, especially when it is about something so relevant yet global, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are actually many things we can do to help nature and our environment.

1. Saving water and electric power

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Saving is a good habit, not only when it comes to money, but also water and electric energy since it is one of the best ways to save the planet and live in a healthy environment. The more we save, the more we have, and for our planet, that means a lot. Because of that, it is necessary to be responsible in every moment, since we do not have another place to live, and we need to keep this one the best we can. On the other side, saving is not hard, and once it becomes a habit, you will never think about it again because it will be something that you are used to and that is normal to do. It may look hard in the beginning but try to turn off the light when you leave the room or close the water while brushing your teeth, and you will see that it is not.

2. Avoid plastic bottles

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Students are using too many plastic bottles, and plastic is one of the biggest pollutants. It is difficult to decompose, and it takes a very long time for one bottle to decompose in nature, so it is a much better idea to choose other alternatives, and one of them is definitely a bottle made of glass instead of the plastic one. These bottles are reusable, and one can be used for water or juices since it is enough only to wash it well, and it can be used again infinitely times. You can find this bottle in many different shapes and designs, so it is up to you to choose the one that describes you the best and show it to the world. Besides the fact that the bottle will be noticed, much more important is that it is eco-friendly and helps nature a lot. Another thing made of plastic that we use almost every day is plastic bags, and they pollute the environment even more. Many countries are trying to reduce their use, but it is still not that successful. A much better option is to buy a canvas bag that you can use more times. The prints on these bags are funny and cute, so you will definitely be noticed.

3. Try to walk more

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Public transport is always on the move, and it is true that it will continue to work even if you never use it, but if you want to feel better, try to walk more. The exhaust gases pollute the air a lot, and if we wish to help our environment, one of the first steps should be more walking. Besides the fact that we are doing something good for the planet, walking is healthy for our whole body, and it will keep us in perfect shape. Besides that, there are also vehicles that we use almost every day, and we do not realize how much harm they can cause. Once you get used to walking, you will feel the difference and feel much better and healthier, so it is one of the decisions that each of us should make and try.

4. Buy less

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Although this one is applicable for everyone and not just students, it is also a tough thing to do as consumerism is a trend we grow up with. Namely, what many believe is that we can and should buy everything, and even though that is great for our economy, for the environment, well, not that much. The reason for that is quite simple. The fewer things we buy, the less waste we generate and leave behind. In the end, we should all just set some limit to what to buy.

The bottom line

College is the time when we start forming new beliefs and begin thinking about the greater good. But all that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t feel comfortable, as being free and comfortable helps out self-esteem, and to get that comfortability, we need to start from the basics, the underwear, and if you too have troubles picking the right one in that time of the month, then period panties should be your top choice and checking, should be your top priority.

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