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How To Match Colors When Decorating Your Bathroom – 2024 Guide

Are you thinking about refreshing your bathroom but aren’t sure about the colors you should choose? You may not want to invest a lot of money into changing everything, but you still want to make it look new. Should you match its design to the one of your bedroom?

These are all valid concerns, but there are ways you can get answers to these questions. That’s right. There are practical tips that will help you make the right decision and facilitate the entire project. Here are some of them.

Start with the color wheel

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This is a great first step, even if you have no idea which colors you want to use. Some people just don’t have the power of visualization, so they cannot imagine how certain shades will work together. On the other hand, even if you have already chosen the main color, you should still use this tool to learn what your options are. For example, two shades can match perfectly if they are across each other on the wheel, but some people may consider this to be a bold look. If you are looking for something more pleasing, you should go with the shades that are next to each on the wheel. This way, you will still use vibrant colors, but the effect will be tranquil.

You can use this technique regardless of whether you just want to repaint the walls, install tiles, boards, etc. However, before you make this choice, you should consider some waterproof backing boards or high-quality Wedi boards first. You can read more about this on justwedi.co.uk.

What is the main color?

Once again, before you start any actual work, you have to determine the main color, the dominant one. If you plan on making some small changes, then this will be the shade of the existing tiles. Due to this, you won’t be able to ignore it, so you should work around it.

If you get to choose all the designs, then you should follow the 70/20/10 rule. Let us explain. You should use the lightest shade for 70% of the décor, then you use a bit darker one for 20% of the room, and you use a vibrant one of the remaining 10%. This way, you will create a perfect balance while still achieving an appealing design.

Get a patterned piece

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Now that you have decided on the color you want to use, you should find a piece that will blend them all together. You can think about this when choosing the tiles, a wallpaper, but even a shower curtain will do the trick. If possible, you should go with a piece that includes the colors of the same shade you have previously chosen, just to make that perfect harmony. Yes, you can go with multiple pieces, such as wallpaper and curtain, but this makes things more complicated. If you were to do this, you would have to make sure that they match perfectly because otherwise, you would end up with a mess. You can consider this option, but make sure to conduct thorough research and look for professional tips online.

Choose the color of the walls

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If you already have a pattern in mind that perfectly goes with the room, you should go with a wall design that matches it perfectly. Once again, go back to the wheel. Our advice is to choose one of the colors on the piece. If you want to create that relaxing atmosphere, you should avoid the darkest one.

Naturally, you don’t have to go with the same shade. You can add a bit of white into the color the make it lighter or a bit of black to darken it up. If you want to go with wallpapers, don’t be afraid to make them the pattern piece. Obviously, then you would have to choose the color of a shower curtain, towels, and other details accordingly.

Add a bit of contrast

Now, let’s go back to the 70/20/10 rule and discuss what you should do with the final 10% of the décor. As you can assume, this is when you go a bit wild. Use small objects such as towels, rugs, even a soap bar to add contrast to the design. The best part is that you can do whatever you want. Even better, if you go with these tiny items, you can change them as you like, meaning that it will be super easy to refresh the overall look of the bathroom. If you are into interior design, this is probably the part of the entire process that you will enjoy the most.

Do you need more light in the bathroom?

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Yes, there are tricks you can use to boost the brightness of your bathroom. First of all, you should paint the ceiling white, and make sure to add some light fixtures. For the best results, you should install them above the mirror or around it because the light is just going to bounce off of it. If your bathroom is really small, as a general rule, you should go with light and medium colors. We are talking about wood panels, boards, walls, wallpaper, and even those decorative details. As you probably know, dark shades absorb the light instead of reflecting it. This won’t only make the entire room darker but also smaller.

Does it have to match your bedroom?

No, this is not necessary, although many people choose to do it just because it is the simplest way. Plus, this way, they don’t have to worry about the final result. This decision is completely up to you. You can go with the same color scheme, or on the other hand, make it different, but use similar designs, such as artwork, to connect these two rooms.

However, you should still follow the overall design of your home. It is not imperative to make it the same, but you still shouldn’t go with a rustic design of the bathroom if your house has that modern vibe, and vice versa. Don’t forget – it is all about creating harmony and balance.

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