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How to Make Shoes Non-Slip Easily at Home?

Slippery shoes is a problem of every second person who works at cafeterias or damp surfaces. They are very dangerous as they may cause injuries which can never be treated. It tends to be risky to work in a field, where there is a chance of slipping, without a couple of non-slip shoes. All things considered, it’s not constantly conceivable to observe each and every progression when you are on your feet constantly! It’s genuinely an undeniable irritation. Therefore, we have listed down five different ways to make your shoes non-slip.

Tip 1: Scrape the Soles                                                      


New shoes are pleasant with smooth external and sole. In any case, they are not intended to be utilized on dangerous surfaces. In the event that you need to wear your standard shoes, you can scrape the soles to add more footing to your shoes. You simply need to locate any rough surfaces and rub your shoes base on it. Continue scraping the soles till you can feel a little harshness on their surfaces. You will surely see a distinction when you stroll around tomorrow! In case you are a restaurant worker who doesn’t have time to scrape the soles, our detailed review of the best 5 non-slip shoes to wear in restaurants will surely help you out. Check them out here and save your time!

Tip 2: Utilize Footing Splash or Hairspray

Shoe Adhesive Sprays extraordinarily help out! They simply work, as unmistakably expressed, on “All Indoor and Outdoor surfaces” yet not on ice, recall! I tried them myself and, indeed, they worked superbly in all the wet site areas I visited (without frosty surface).

Splash a decent sum on the soles . Ensure that you don’t utilize a shaded hair spray or your shoes may wind up looking abnormal with unequaled hues. Let the splashed issues dry on the sole by leaving your shoes topsy turvy for two to three minutes before wearing them back.

Expert Tip: Stay away from FIRE when you are splashing.

Tip 3: Utilize Non-Slip Soles


Another arrangement is to fortify your shoes with non-slip or slip-safe soles. Be that as it may, this greatly improves and lasts more. For ones who walk a great deal, these non-slip cushions can keep going for a considerable length of time before you have to transform them. In the event that you don’t regularly walk excessively, these can function admirably for a considerable length of time!




Furthermore, these cushions will include a moderately delicate layer directly under the soles. They, considered as an extra sole, will help increment shoes’ life expectancy a wonderful sum. Likewise, they will assist you with abstaining from making irritating “click, clatter, rattle, click” sounds when you are strolling on hard (and dangerous) floors like wooden or steel, particularly with hard-sole shoes.



Tip 4: Score the Soles

Back to the “nearly free” and “handy solution” arrangements, score the soles! It won’t harm your shoes, trust me. Okay, here’s the manner by which you make your shoes slip-safe. Do you have a nail document in your satchel? In the event that you are at home, splendid, you should have several blades in the kitchen.



Both of them, take it here. Hold your shoe topsy turvy, as usual; delicately score the sole by stopping and only a little profound lines on your sole (make an effort NOT to cut excessively profound or you may slice through the insole!). You can understand that we are attempting to change the sole into a little piece fundamentally the same as a tire’s surface. This unpleasant, scratched, scored surface can create much more footing than an impeccable cutting without line underside.Professional Tip: Do it tenderly. Do it with any workmanship designs in the event that you have the capacity! Expert Tip: Do it in a gentle manner.

Tip 5: Utilize Glue Gun 

Utilizing a heated glue weapon, start to stick even dispersed specks or even lines along the sole and heel. You’ll need to hold up until the paste is totally dry, yet not crude, to put on the shoes. This will help press the paste down and level it. Expert Tip: Use glue gun as it is very effective but use it with care since it’s boiling hot.





It is basic for you to organize your well being. You would prefer not to sit around, cash, and exertion in the event that you get harmed busy working, isn’t that right? With that, it is ideal to apply prudent steps before you begin working.

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