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How Should Cowboy Boots Fit: Some Useful Tips!

Are you impressed from western riders wearing Cowboy boots with either high, lower or roper style heels? But, definitely, you are worried about the fitting issues of proprietary designed cowboy boots from different manufacturers. Some of you will not perceive any difference between brands; while, others remain comfortable with only one merchant. Here I am going to give you a quick general guideline before disclosing some useful tips related to cowboy boots fitting.

  • Do your shopping for the boots in the night, because your legs and feet get swelled after the tiring day work.
  • Take your insoles and put them inside the boots to make sure the better fitting.
  • Wear on your socks with the boots as socks fabric and thickness will take some space from the boots as well.
  • While wearing your boots, walk around the room and notice any form of pressure at your toes, heels, calf, ankle or arch. Make sure your feet feel comfortable.

Let us help you with some tips for purchasing a right pair of cowboy boots for your proper fit.

Tip 1: Cowboy Boot’s Toe Shape

For some wearers, the fit may vary depending on the type of the toe. The person who is wearing any company’s cowboy boot, should be able to move his toes without any pressure from the top, sides or front of the boot.

So, if your foot has a longer than normal arch or it is more V shaped, then you must go for squared toe boots.

Squared toe boots

Cowboy boot manufacturers such as Ariat, Justin, Laredo, Soto Boots, Westland and many others have a wide range of toes, heels, height, styles, foot arch and ball width fittings for men, women and kids. Accordingly, you can choose your preferred cowboy boots with best fit size.

Smooth leathered and snug-tight pair of cowboy boot

Tip 2: Choose Leather 

As cowboy boots are traditionally made of a smooth leather from cowhide, calfskin, buffalo, or horsehide; they can easily stretch and mold according to the wearer’s foot when and where appropriate.

So, at the time of purchase you must select a snug size for your boots; because, as you will start wearing your boots, the boots width will become wide and arch will become soft. That is why it is recommended to disapprove a loose fitting boot and to choose a smooth leathered and snug-tight pair of cowboy boot.

Tip 3: Choose Right Socks

To keep your toes, heels, ankles and calves safe from sores, the use of socks with suitable fabric and length is highly recommended. Lycra, Spandex, and Elastane are such materials that give better grip and are ideal for well-fitted cowboy boots. These have good stretch features which keep the socks right in place with perfect support to your legs and feet.

A cast metal boot jack shaped like the head of a steer. By Montanabw – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

To get more ideas about the selection of the most suitable pair of socks for your selected cowboy boots, check out our review of the best socks for cowboy boots.

Tip 4: Use Boot Hooks and Boot Jacks

Some other tips are popular from ages to put on and remove your fitted cowboy boots. Similarly, you must use boot hooks to put on your new boots as they are normally hard in the arch and become softer with more use and break in. You must also use boot jacks to remove a pair of boots; but, you must be careful while wearing off your boots with boot jack as it can damage the heel of the boots.



Boot hooks and a boot jack (right). By Montanabw – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

No doubt the classic way of wearing cowboy boots is still in fashion and individuals are wearing them to keep them safe from western saddles. In recent years, these boots have become more popular for having fun during horse rides. Therefore, we have given you necessary information that can increase your pleasure time with more comfort, fun and ease.

I hope you have enjoyed our quick guidelines and useful tips for the right selection of your next cowboy pair of boots according to your appropriate fitting. Feel free to drop some useful comments and give us chance to send the best tips at your end.

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