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10 Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying a Property in Spain

Buying a house or apartment is not so easy as it seems. Everyone dreams about a beautiful home filled with furniture that fits a person’s needs. However, to reach that “perfect” home you need to search for a very long time. Homes can be different. There are a variety of houses and apartments, from very small to extra large. Places intended for only one person, for two people, or maybe for a bigger family. Some of these people want a simple layout (one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom, and one kitchen), others want something different. The big gardens and big balconies are a pleasure for someone. They want to sit on a chair and only look into the sky. This kind of activity meets a lot of people.

Spain is a very beautiful country where different types of homes can be found. Like it is above stated, different types of properties are for different types of people. The suburbs in this country are especially peaceful and reserved for those who want big homes. On the other side, the cities are crowded with apartments that can vary from one dimension to another. People here usually do not know which place is better for them. For that reason, they address their problem to someone they can believe.

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A lot of agencies or websites are used to meet people’s needs. If you are not capable of finding a place on your own, you can always find an estate agent or look on the internet for what is the best opportunity. Many websites can not accomplish the needs of the potential buyer or tenant. But, on javea.properties there is a great selection of homes for sale or rent.

However, those who want to buy a home, sometimes are faced with many problems. Some people are not reliable and potential buyers or tenants are often deceived. These pitfalls are a big problem. Many people are trying to avoid these things, but the reality is very cruel. How can someone be sure what is safe and what is not?

The answer is -you can not be sure 100% when you are buying an apartment. The one thing that should be done is to include only reliable people.

To follow up, some pitfalls should be avoided when buying a property in Spain:

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1. When you are looking for an apartment there are a lot of pictures of that place. Beautiful walls, wooden parquet, big windows are some things that can be shown in the wrong way. First, the walls in the picture may seem to be white, but when you go there, it turns out that they are actually yellow. Second, the parquet is not from wood at all. Finally, the big windows seemed big because of the curtains. Because of these few reasons, the landlord will lose a part of his/her price when you are going to see the apartment.

2. Many of us are looking for a cheaper home. The price that is given in the ad can be different from the price the landlord offers. Usually, the price of the ad is lower, because agencies think that this is the best way to attract customers.

3. The price may not be given at all. How to buy something if you do not know how much it costs?

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4. People with some extra money want a bigger home. Those who love big houses are very disappointed when they find out that for example, in the ad the square footage is 120 square meters, but in reality, it is only 90. These kinds of frauds are used by those landlords who want to sell their homes for more money, but the real value is lower.

5. The most dangerous pitfall of all is the documents for the house. One landlord can easily manipulate the property list and sell it to two or more people at the same time. This kind of pitfall is something that many people do these days. In this kind of situation, only a good lawyer could help the damaged side to turn their money back.

6. This refers only to houses with gardens. The picture showed a very beautiful garden, with lots of flowers, fountains, and benches. In reality, there are no benches, only a few flowers, and one spoiled fountain.

7. Young people want their home to be with a view to a river, or maybe to the sea. If you call your agent, and he/she tells you that the view of the apartment is like you want, then it is OK. But when you go there, you see something different. Your window is located next to the garbage and now the only smart thing is to leave that kind of place.

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8. Everyone is looking for a quiet and peaceful place for living. That thing is important, but the house you are in is not quiet at all. The neighbors are too loud and you can not rest at all.

9. Heating and cooling are two important things. If you are told that it is warm enough inside in the middle of winter, and it is cold enough in summer, then that way should it be. However, usually, there is not enough heat and people try to find alternative ways to warm themselves.

10. When buying or renting a house or apartment, there should not be mold. The mold is usually spread because of broken windows. Besides, the windows must be checked before moving in. The landlord may convince you that everything is OK, but if you see mold, do not buy or rent that home.

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These days, many people are discouraged to buy a new home because of the previous pitfalls. Finding a reliable source for cooperation is very hard. To avoid fraud, people are not buying anything at all until they are sure enough that all the procedures are legal and there are not any hidden intentions. On the other side, the estate agencies also want only sure buyers. They do not want people that today are ready to buy, but tomorrow they change their mind. Only cooperation between real estate agencies, buyers, and landlords is the fastest way for sure to bargain.

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