Best Shoes for Toddlers 2024: Perfect Picks for your Little Ones

Buying shoes for your little ones before they start to take their first steps are super easy. The criteria then for a shoe is that it should be cute, have the little one’s favorite color or favorite animal and it turns out to be a perfect buy. Also, your toddler’s love for glitter, Peppa pig, unicorns and soles that light up makes the job easier of finding shoes.

However, when your toddler starts to take his/her first steps you know that the prevalent criteria has to change and now your toddler needs shoes that provide him/her with stability, flexibility and a sense of security while learning to walk. These shoes should be comfortable enough so that your toddler remains at ease with this shift to sturdier shoes. Also, these shoes should look cute and stylish at the same time, because hey! Your cutie deserves it.

There are different factors that you have to keep in mind while choosing a shoe for your toddler. First of all, it should be flexible with a thin layer of the sole so that it provides protection to your toddler’s feet. Secondly, when it comes to sizing, go for a bigger size than the actual one. This provides ample of room to the feet for growth.


Moreover, these shoes shouldn’t be narrow as the toddlers usually have wide feet and toes. Narrow shoes cause deformities such as hammer toes, bunions etc Lastly, avoid passing on shoes between the siblings as worn out toddler shoes don’t provide adequate stability and protection to your little one’s feet.

You don’t have to worry about finding the best shoes for your toddlers as I have come up with the list of 5 best toddler shoes to save you from the hustle.

1. Saucony Baby Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker

Premium choice

  • Provides ultimate comfort
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Easy on and off
  • Runs half a size smaller than actual

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: Nylon and suede | Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 3 inches

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The first place on my list has been acquired by Saucony Baby Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker. These sneakers are made up of Nylon and suede which make the shoes flexible and stretchable. They also provide good sunlight resistance and excellent strength to the sneakers. The soles of these sneakers are made up solid rubber which makes them durable and also ensure the safety of your toddler’s feet.

This imported shoe is 100% man-made. Moreover, this pair features plush suede upper and soft textile lining for the ultimate comfort. Wearing this pair gets super easy because of the comfort closure straps. Your child will be able to wear it and take it off without your help. Also, it has a two-tone mid-sole and triangular-shaped lugs for durability and flexibility.


The only drawback is that this pair of sneakers run half a size small and is of medium width. So, if your child has very wide feet, I would recommend you to go for one size bigger than his/her actual size. All in all, Saucony is one of the most popular fashion brands and this pair will not only look stylish on your little one’s feet but also provide him/her with comfort.

2. Stride Rite’s Soft Toddler Boys Artie Athletic Sneaker

Best Choice

  • Lightweight
  • Sensory response technology gives the feel of surface
  • Flexible outsole helps to adapt to uneven surfaces.
  • Rounded edged outsole reduces stumbling
  • Runs a little narrow

Origin: Imported | Sole: Synthetic sole | Material: 100% Leather | Package Dimensions: 5.83 x 5.12 x 2.99 inches

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The second place on my list is secured by Stride Rite’s Soft Toddler Boys Artie Athletic Sneaker. If your toddler is at that stage where he loves to walk very fast and you are always worried about him stumbling, then this shoe is the solution. This shoe features a rounded edged outsole which reduces the stumbles and falls.

This imported shoe is 100% leather and has a synthetic sole. The upper of this shoe features a sleek leather design with bold stitching.  It comes with various benefits. Firstly, it has a hook and loop strap closure which provides a more secure fit and makes it easier for the toddler to put it off.

Secondly, Stride rite has given special attention to the sensory response of your toddler by incorporating sensory pods on the outside which helps toddlers to feel the ground surface while walking. Moreover, the flexible and protective outsole helps the toddlers to adapt to uneven surfaces without stumbling while protecting their feet at the same time. Also, it only weighs 2 pounds so your toddler will not get uncomfortable.


The only problem with this shoe is that it runs a little narrow. So, I would suggest you to order it in a wide size. Conclusively, Stride rite will not disappoint you with this pair of Soft Toddler Boys Artie Athletic Sneaker as it has gone above and beyond to make sure that your toddler remains secure and comfortable while walking.

3. Adidas Kids' Samba Classic Boots Soccer Shoe

Best Indoor Action

  • Great for indoors
  • Lightweight Eva midsole provides comfort
  • Has a trendy look
  • Suitable for wider and growing feet
  • Not durable if used outdoors

Origin: Imported | Sole: Eva mid-sole | Material: Leather and suede | Package Dimensions: 5.83 x 5.12 x 2.99 inches

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Third place on my list is secured by the most famous athletic brand Adidas with its Kids’ Samba Classic Boots Soccer Shoe. The Samba has ruled the indoor football for many years. Now this junior version of the famous Samba has been introduced specially for indoor games. This shoe is most suitable for a-little old toddlers who have a grasp of their legs on the surfaces.

This shoe features a durable rubber outsole that absorbs impact and provides your little one’s feet with comfort. It has a lightweight Eva mid sole which not only contributes to the comfort but also helps in a more responsive action. Also, the upper is made up of leather with suede overlays, which gives it a trendier look.

The best thing about this shoe is that it is true to size, also for wider feet. So, you will not have to worry about choosing the correct size while ordering it; just stick to the actual size of your toddler and give yourself a break for a while as this shoe sizing is suitable for toddlers with growing feet as well.


However, on the downside the durability of this shoe is questionable. If you make your toddler wear it outdoors as well then sadly, it won’t last very long. On the whole, this imported Adidas sneaker is of high quality and the fact that it is great even for growing feet makes it a valuable choice.

4. Momo Baby Girls First Walker Toddler Leah Sneaker Shoe

Best Outdoor Action

  • Great for outdoors
  • Leather insole absorbs moisture
  • Fan-shaped toe box provides toes with ample of room
  • Flexible
  • Outsole is not water-resistant

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: mesh and PU leather | Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.4 x 3.3 inches

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The fourth shoe on my list is Momo Baby Girls First Walker Toddler Leah Sneaker Shoe. This shoe is sturdier and is suitable for the outdoor activities. The upper of this pair is made up of mesh and PU leather. You don’t have to worry while ordering this shoe as every footwear of Momo has been awarded American Podiatric Medical Association’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance which is specially given to products that contribute to the significance of the foot health.

This rubber outsole of this shoe has deep tread patterns for an enhanced slip resistance. Also, the flexibility of this shoe enables an easier shift of weight from the front to the back while walking or running. Moreover, the insole is made up of leather which helps to absorb moisture, this keeps the shoe dry and comfortable and also protects it from odor-causing bacteria. The best part of this shoe is its fan-shaped toe box which actually resembles a toddler’s foot. Its toe box allows the big and growing toe to move around freely.

On the downside, the outsole of this cute toddler shoe isn’t waterproof. I would advise you not to send your toddler outside while wearing this pair if the ground is damped or to play with puddles after a rain as the water tends to seep inside the shoe. Conclusively, this awarded and highly recognized shoe will provide your toddler with comfort and enough room in the toe box to maneuver around.

5. COODO Toddler Shoe Running/Sports Sneaker

Best Price

  • Great for long hours
  • Provides stability
  • Available in a vast range of colors
  • Easy to wear
  • Velcro straps are not durable

Origin: Imported | Sole: Rubber sole | Material: Durable and breathable knit mesh | Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.4 x 2.8 inches

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The fifth product on my list COODO Toddler Shoe/Running Sports Sneaker. This pair of shoes is available in a variety of different colors and combinations. So, there is a high chance that you will find the shoe of your toddler’s favorite color. This shoe is made up non-toxic materials to keep your toddler safe and healthy. The best thing is that it is available in a very reasonable price.

This pair of sneakers is specially designed for walking and running which makes it suitable for the toddlers who confidently run or walk on different surfaces. It has a rubber outsole which makes the shoe durable and also provides the child with security and safety.

Also, this pair of COODO provides the toddler with stability. Moreover, the durable and breathable knit mesh make it super comfortable to wear even after hours of running and walking; your child won’t want to take it off. The simple hook and loop closure makes it easy to wear so that your child can wear it all by him/herself.

On the downside, the problem with this shoe is that the Velcro strap doesn’t hold after some time. On the whole, this cute sneaker is available in a great range of colors and are super comfortable for those long fun days.

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