Best Insoles For High Arches 2024

An extremely high curve causes uneven dispersion of weight over the foot with the heel point and ball of the foot put under extraordinary tension and the curve significantly pushed. Our total determination of high curve insoles is explicitly intended for high-arched feet. People with high arches regularly need a higher curve on their orthotics to give the best help to their feet, and ordinary insoles or curve supports may not work. High curve insoles and curve bolsters are intended for use with high-angled feet, so the curve support is normally higher than the normal curve backing to more likely accommodate the higher curves on your foot.

1. Tread Lab Stride Insole - 2 Part Orthotic System

The Insoles For You

  • According To Your Size
  • Long Term Use
  • High Arch
  • Not For Wide Feet People
  • Nylon Strings Abrade

Material: Soft Foam Insert | Fit Profile: N/A | Size: N/A | Features: N/A | Arch Height: N/A | Shape: N/A

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Tread Labs was established by Mark Paigen, a footwear designer whose structures have sold in excess of 8 million sets of arch support footwear. Tread Labs objective is to change your life by improving all the footwear in your storage room.

Tread Lab’s scope of insoles offers a range of four curve statures in their insoles, including an X-High style for those with extremely high curves. Including therapeutic grade support like numerous custom orthotics, you can even remove the top spread with a remarkable 2-section framework.

These insoles provide relief from discomfort. They offer firm support that is important to improve the alignment and facilitate your torment. Improve your comfort during the day and have more vitality at night with the solid curve support of Stride insoles.

Effective arch support limits pronation, diminishing the strain on your plantar fascia. This fixes your torment at the root cause and is the key to enduring relief. Eliminate your foot torment from the initial steps of the day and appreciate more vitality at night.

The arches of your feet aren’t generic. One needs an insole that is made for their feet. Try not to compromise on generic inserts made for the general population. Fit them with orthotic insoles that match the arch height and improve the alignment. Tread Labs makes 4 arch height for people to impeccably support flat feet (fallen arches), additional high arches and everything in the middle.

Tread Labs believe that the insoles should keep going for quite a while. An exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. Their 2-section insole framework is intended for the long stretch.

These are not for people having wide feet, they won’t fit well and because of the structure of a plastic polymer heel support, the hard plastic portion of this insole doesn’t fit straightforwardly inside your shoe, be set up for your shoe/insole contact when you stroll to make a ridiculously loud squeaking sound. Tragically, within a brief timeframe, the external edges of the insole would in general twist up and the “nylon” strings incorporated with the insole material start to abrade against the foot making extensive distress. Extremely disillusioning for an expensive item.

These are recommended for those who don’t want a generic insole but an insole specially made for your feet. It will not only provide the support you need but also provide relief from any foot problem. They do have some flaws but the advantages outshine them.

2. Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

High-Impact Insoles

  • Provides Steadiness
  • Address Foot Problems
  • High Arch
  • Long Break-in Period
  • Flimsy Heel Cup

Material: N/A | Fit Profile: High volume / High profile | Size: 2 inches high, 4 inches wide | Features: Stabilizer Cap, Deep Heel Cup | Arch Height: N/A | Shape: N/A

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Superfeet insoles come in a few shading coded assortments. The orange model estimates two inches high and five inches wide and is explicitly intended to accommodate extremely high curves. In light of its bigger dimensions, it is critical to pick spacious footwear that has removable insoles and a thin heel point to accommodate these insoles appropriately.

Superfeet orange is made utilizing high-effect, vegan, without latex foam with anti-bacterial, scent control top coat. This full-length insole gives additional padding and stun absorption even on hard surfaces or potentially during high effect action. They are particularly intended to address common foot, curve and heel point torment and the side effects of Plantar Fasciitis. Superfeet orange is bio-mechanically formed with a thin, limited heel point and profound impact point cup that give predominant arrangement and steadiness. The sole of the unit is strengthened to keep up its shape and furnish the most extreme help with expanded and challenging use.

Intensely evaluated, most clients are happy with these insoles, they do alert that getting the correct fit is absolutely critical and can be testing. It is advisable if you go to a shoe store and try them out. If you can not decide the arch before, you can cut them to accommodate to your shoes. Give close consideration to the fit and support given by the heel. It is ideal to arrange a size up to give greater adaptability in custom fitting the insole to footwear.

Some people think that it takes time to get used to these insoles, that they have a long break-in period. For some, these were not the most comfortable insoles they have tried on. Some people may have complains about the heel cup to be flimsy and not worth the price paid. The durability of these insoles is flawed.

The ORANGE gives an additional stun absorption cushioning in the forefoot to accommodate high-impact sports and different activities that make your feet take a beating. Moreover, the ORANGE features a tight heel cup.

Conclusively, Superfeet ORANGE insoles were made for the individuals who need somewhat more spring under their feet when they run an additional mile. The outcome is an insole that can take a beating so your feet don’t need to. Superfeet ORANGE are prominent insoles that highlight a profound and narrow heel point cup for most extreme help.

3. New Balance Insoles IUSA3810 Supportive Cushioning Insole

The Smart Insoles

  • Metatarsal Support
  • Removable Footbeds
  • Triple Layer Foam
  • Not Cushy
  • Not For Women

Material: Soft Foam Insert, Absorb Cushioning, Synthetic Insole, ETC fabric | Fit Profile: N/A | Size: N/A | Features: Deep Heel Cup, Anti-blister Top Cover | Arch Height: N/A | Shape: N/A

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The New Balance Ultra Support 3810 Insole is the ideal insole for those with a high arch or for a structured, rigid foot. It is a padded insole that supports the foot while including stun absorption. The metatarsal support disseminates pressure and can help give relief from Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia. The heel cushion helps with forestalling or soothing plantar fasciitis, heel torment, and Achilles tendonitis. This orthotic has likewise been known as the New Balance Ultra Arch Support and the New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insole. New Balance Insoles fit in generally athletic, easygoing, and climbing shoes that accompany removable footbeds. The insoles are intended to be utilized throughout the day, consistently, for standing, running, or any game. Orange ABZORB padding layer (with PORON Urethane Technology) gives the most extreme padding and stun absorption. These are trimmed to your fit. They are great for those having neutral to high arches. They help with arch pain, heel pain, back pain, and knee pain. In general pain in the forefoot area. It features triple-layer foam designed with ETC fabric which prevents blisters.

Made with a triple layer foam material that is latex-free and features an odor-controlling anti-microbial top coat. The top surface of the insole is fixed with extraordinarily designed ETC fabric, which decreases contact, forestalls blisters and keep the underside of your foot dry and cool.

Well, on the downside these insoles are not as cushy and comfy as claimed. They also claim that these are uni-sex insoles, but we don’t think these are made for women. The insole is wide and won’t fit on a women foot. The arch shape is a little weird, not high enough, and has extra cushioning above the heel and forefoot area. These insoles are so thick that you have to remove any previous insole or it will become too tight for you. These should help for supination but since the insoles are so thick, the curve support does not provide the intended supination.

In short, these insoles are perfect for people that need high arch support. These provide the support and padding that you need.

4. Sof Sole Men's High Arch

Phenomenal Insoles

  • Targetted Gel Drop
  • Enhanced Arch Height
  • Comfortable
  • No Odor Eater

Material: 100% Rubber, Delicate EVA foam | Fit Profile: N/A | Size: N/A | Features: Deep Heel Cup, Targetted Heel Gel Drop | Arch Height: N/A | Shape: N/A

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Sof Sole is known for its phenomenal range of insoles for athletic use. Delicate EVA foam adjusts to your feet and gives padding to your curves to help ease any additional weight. They are the jack of all. They are soothing and comfortable. They have an enhanced arch height that provides the necessary support for people with a high arch. The important feature of these insoles is the targetted gel drop in the heel. It absorbs shock, combats any heel pain and relieves stress from the heel.

It further also has deep heel cup support that makes sure that the heel stays in place and does not slip. It fits in your casual, dress, or athletic shoes.

On the drawback, you either need to as often as possible remove, hand wash, or purchase an extra scent eater, as these don’t have one.

It is exceptionally intended for individuals with high curves.These insoles my friends provide padding, support, strength, proper alignment and also secure your foot. These are definitely the most phenomenal insoles you will ever wear.

5. Superfeet Green Insoles

Vegan Free

  • High Curve Contour
  • Abundant Foot Control
  • High Arch
  • Paper Thin
  • Less Support and Padding

Material: N/A | Fit Profile: High volume / High profile | Size: 2 inches high, 4 inches wide | Features: Stabilizer Cap, Deep Heel Cup | Arch Height: N/A | Shape: High Profile Shape

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Superfeet is hailed by numerous individuals as the best orthotic insoles available. Where the Superfeet unisex Heritage Green orthotic insoles stand apart as a high curve contour accomplished by a high-thickness foam layer. This offers a firm and supporting structure. It lessens the weight on your curve, heel, and lower leg. The curve support of the insoles quantifies an entire four inches to give the greatest, proficient orthotic support to high curves.

Similarly, as with the orange model, these insoles are prescribed for use with roomy footwear that has removable insoles. A stabilizer top at the base of the sole and deep heel cup guarantees dependability and abundant foot control as well. Another favorable position of the Superfeet is that they are vegan-friendly. The top layer is made of a breathable natural compound that smells safe. They are Latex-free yet strong. Superfeet Green Insoles offer dependable comfort in a superb design. Superfeet green insoles give proficient orthotic support to high curves.

The disadvantage of having these can be that they are paper thin and do not support the arch as much as they claim to do. Some people may have complains that the ball of the feet has no padding so the feet might get sore.

Ultimately, Superfeet Green insoles fit a wide range of medium and high-volume footwear with removable insoles that range from running shoes to easygoing footwear to work boots. Superfeet Green insoles are vegan and free from nickel sulfate, formaldehyde, and additives. The high curve contour provides the ultimate support that you need.

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