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Is Top Grain Leather Good for Furniture?

A complete home renovation cannot be successfully realized without replacing your old furniture. We are aware that this type of venture is everything but cheap, thus, a vast majority of individuals hesitate to invest in pieces they know nothing about. When they start looking for potential solutions, they consider the quality, maintenance methods, style, materialization, affordability, and other factors that help them decide.

In a nutshell, what they focus on in most cases is the material, and when this aspect is concerned, we should single out one of the most frequently chosen components people opt for – the top grain leather. If you want to know whether top grain leather is as good for furniture as the rumor has it, we advise you seek your answers in the lines below.

The Quality

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As we have already mentioned, people consider the quality of the furniture they intend on buying to be one of the most crucial influencing factors before spending their hard-earned money. Well, if you want to invest in your friends and family’s comfort without neglecting the importance of longevity of a piece of furniture, you should stop your search right away.

Namely, top grain leather is considered to be one of the 2 most quality materials you can purchase on the market, the other one is full-grain leather. The difference between the two is evident at the first glance, since the top grain leather implies the processed material, while the full variant does not go through a similar process.

The Maintenance

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Since top grain leather goes through the brushing process, not only is the finished product suitable for families with small children and teenagers who have no trouble causing a mess, but also for business environments.

Namely, the structure is not prone to absorbing fluids and can easily be treated with specific chemicals without fearing your actions will damage the fabric and alter its appearance.

On the other hand, full-grain leather might appear stricter than our favorite in terms of the visual impression it makes, but we would dare to say that it is nothing more than a first impression one might have. Namely, the full-grain leather structure deteriorates over time and would hardly maintain the initial appearance if you stain it with a drop of coffee or any other spillage due to enhanced absorption properties.

The Pricing

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We reckon it is irresponsible to tag an item as expensive or not without considering its value. When top grain leather furniture is in question, we would like to underline that one does not buy a piece of furniture daily, thus, you might want to look at it as a long-term investment that will eventually pay off.

It is more expensive than standard leather pieces, other than top-grain leather, which is justified by the quality this type of furniture brings to the table. Namely, the brushing process applied in the making of this type of leather allows it to withstand everyday wear and tear almost effortlessly, which we cannot say for cheaper alternatives.

What we should also point out is that not all top grain leather furniture pieces are the same, so find here more about what makes the difference.

The Durability

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What makes the top grain leather pieces of furniture stand out from the crowd is their longevity. Now, when we say longevity, we also consider how a particular piece would look after several years of purchase. Naturally, the material will change to the extent you use it, but if we compare the top grain leather to alternative materials commonly used in furniture assembly, the results speak in favor of the fabric we discuss today.

Surely, both the appearance and the destiny of a particular furniture piece are conditioned by external influences their owners expose them to. Top grain leather is not designed to be used in the open, thus, exposing it to humid environments would significantly compromise its appearance.

The Aging Process

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Picking top grain leather as the material of choice for your furniture might be a good investment for the future.

Since we talk about natural, yet processed leather, we should highlight that the material will change over time.

Unlike artificial materials, leather changes its color and, we would say, matures like quality red wine.

Professionally crafted top grain leather furniture will only become more unique as time goes by, still, the choice remains yours to make, especially if we consider that the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Opting for this type of investment can even potentiate you to make a profit in the long run, considering your piece of top grain leather furniture survives the challenges a modern lifestyle brings. Jokes aside, we reckon you would not make a mistake if you opt for this kind of comfortable household property.

The Comfort

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Some people tend to dislike leather sofas and chairs because they find them sticky, especially during the Summer. If you belong to the aforementioned group, we would kindly ask you to check your sources, since top grain leather does quite the opposite.

Namely, the brushing process is what separates the type of leather we discuss from lacquered variants the vast majority detest. If comfort represents one of the most important factors you are after, we suggest you visit a local furniture shop and see for yourself why warmness and pleasantness to the touch are the sensations affiliated with top grain leather pieces.

Another aspect you should consider is that, unlike alternatives, top grain leather furniture retains its comfort-related characteristics over time. Thus, you will not have to worry unless you use your sofa as it was a trampoline.

Do not get us wrong, but the minds of the youngsters work dissimilarly from the grown-ups, so you should not be surprised if they attempt to use your brand-new top grain leather piece like their jumping range.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you decide whether top grain leather is the right material for your furniture. The optimal way to choose what would suit you best is to visit a local furniture store and check what they have to say about the details we have highlighted in the lines above.

Thus, try before you buy so you get the idea of what it is all about, and you can thank us later!

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