10 Shopping Tips To Save Money While Scoring Major Discounts in 2024

More often than not, the majority of us end up looking for ways to save a few bucks. This especially happens while shopping in masses, may it be for a wedding event or just Christmas shopping. But being an amateur in the field of discounts can be quite a disappointment.

With online retailers constantly leveling up their discounts, regular shoppers have learned the art of how to score a discount in the most budget-efficient way possible.

While imagining the multiple ways the money saved could be used, we crave acing the art of learning how to avail of the best discounts. To feed your hunger on how to seek great discounts, below are mentioned 10 brilliant ways you can salvage your funds by indulging in discount strategies.

1. Choose your days wisely

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With the busy schedule, most of us have, we often tend to spend our Sundays making all the purchases we need for the week or for the next few weeks. You may not be aware of this fact but you may be losing more money than saving it when you shop on Sundays.

Regular shoppers would be well aware of the fact that discounts and special offers usually roll out on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays while Monday has been claimed to be the most expensive day to shop.

But if we are going into specifics, Tuesdays is the best day to purchase electronic gadgets while Sundays offer the best airline packages. Books on the other hand are best purchased on Saturdays. The next time you think of making a big purchase, choose the day you do so wisely and avoid impulse purchasing!

2. Mix and Match coupon codes

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Many websites on the internet platform come with the added advantage of combining different promo or coupon codes while checking out. You also need to ensure that this is done in the right order. For instance, if you possess a promo code offering a discount of 25% along with a coupon worth $10, apply the promo code and follow that up with the coupon. Thus, the price of the product would be subtracted by 25% followed by a $10 discount on the reduced price.

3. Collect items in your cart

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A lesser-known fact about online retail is that most of the companies that you have registered an account with, know what you are placing in your cart or wishlist. Thus leaving it in the cart for a few days would alert the retailers. The retailers would try to retain you and would offer you deals, coupons or even a better price. A few famous companies that are known to do this include Macy’s, JCPenney and Bed Bath & Beyond. If Emma Matratze is a brand you are looking to shop from, provides the best coupons, from where you can avail amazing discounts now!

4. Hoard coupons from different addresses

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There are plenty of stores that offer single-use coupons that come in bunches. The number of coupon bunches you get may depend on the number of emails or phone numbers you have used to subscribe to your newsletters.

Thus creating multiple email IDs will increase the chances of availing a bigger discount. On that note, imagine how much you could save by using two 50% discount codes for the fully-priced product as opposed to using just one code.

5. Escape the pricing Trap

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Online retailers like to play their pricing smartly. They know what your price range is and tend to customize the price and offer it to you at a higher price. And when they offer a discount, you may think you are losing bucks but the reality of the situation is that it is a total maneuver from their side.

One way this could be avoided includes logging out of all your personal accounts from your device. While you are at it, clear out your cookies and browsing history as well. You may also indulge in using anonymous browsers or pick a country that is less developed while filling in the details on the home page.

6. Request a price- refund when the price drops

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There may have been times where you have purchased a product and within a day, the price drops or the brand provides some amazing discounts. In such cases, the company does offer a refund. For instance, Amazon guarantees a refund within 7 days. But it is important to keep track of the price changes.

Also, try shopping at places that accept credit cards that offer price protection. When your product is price protected, a refund will be provided to you no matter where you have shopped the item. Citi® Double Cash Card and Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® are some prominent cards that offer price protection.

7. Pay heed to Rewards Programmes

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Ever received messages or emails where certain apps offer you a chance to redeem a special bonus in return for you performing certain actions? This should be taken into careful consideration as it would help lower the price of your goods. The certain actions that they may request you to do may include something as menial as browsing sites or catalogs, participating in paid online surveys, watching videos, and so on. Now, that’s quite an easy way of saving some money right?!

8. Try out your luck with Customer Service

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With us being a part of the busy hustle, we tend to forget the dates on which the coupons expire. We may remember we possess a coupon a few days after its expiry date and are left to wonder if we can still claim its benefits or not.

Fortunately, most of the time, this is possible. Due to the retailers not wanting to miss out on a deal, if you call them on their hotline a few days later and ask if you can avail of the coupon on an instant purchase you wish to make, they may be kind enough to provide an extension or even replace your old coupon with a new promo code. The chance of this happening on a higher-priced product is higher than the chance of this happening on a lower-priced product.

9. Sort out your email

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Most of us tend to lose out on some great offers due to us having a messy email. The majority of the time, some of the greatest discounts that we could be using, end up getting racked up and wasted in the spam folder.

Next time you subscribe to a retailer, make sure to keep them out of your spam by changing the settings. For the retailers you don’t wish to hear from, do unsubscribe from them!

10. Run Price Comparisons

Overpaying for a product as well as saving time in the process can be avoided by installing apps that help pit products against each other in terms of price and help choose the best one out of the lot. Some of these apps also have the feature of scanning bar codes and return providing bottom-line prices for the items. This reduces the hassle of taking a look at tons of merchants and then drawing an analysis.


At the end of the day, we all wish to save as much as we can, and doing so is not impossible. Getting a hang of a few trips and tricks about scoring discounts will definitely benefit in the long run.

On taking a look at the above list, we can save the regret we may endure after receiving a heavy bill!

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