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5 Online Shopping Tips and Tricks for Scoring Major Discounts

Online shopping has come a long way. It is so advanced that is slowly taking over the regular type of purchasing items. It’s no wonder things are like this when we can order anything we want from the palms of our hands. Technology and the internet were the fuel that ignited the online shopping spree and made it to be what we know today. We truly are blessed with the world we’re living in at the moment, minus the terrible issues of COVID-19. But, even the coronavirus pandemic which still isn’t behind us was one of the reasons why online shopping became prevalent in our society.

This could be a sad conclusion we’re about to make, but the culture of going out to the mall and spending hours and days there might be behind us even after coronavirus is no longer an issue. There are many reasons for this, and the primary one is the convenience of buying goods on the web. You can sit at your home, order what you need, and have it delivered to your address. The effort needed? Minimal. Many individuals no longer want o spend time walking around shopping, when they can have it brought to their home, and spending their time elsewhere. Furthermore, they can save not only time but also money in the process. All you need to know is the five online shopping tips and tricks for scoring major discounts we’re about to share with you.

1. Choose The Right Day For Shopping


Not all days are the same. We all know this simple truth. When it comes to online shopping, make this a double truth. While we usually love the weekends, due to the extra free time we receive from our work, when it comes to buying items online don’t do it on your days off. While you might feel that your free time should be spent this way, it’s not like that. Most retailers do not want to put out discounts on weekends. No, the day you should be focused on are Friday, and then Wednesday and Thursday.

If you’re seeking airline tickets, then the equation is different, as Sunday is the day to buy them, and Monday is to avoid them. If you’re seeking electronic devices, there’s a half-proven theory that manufacturers and sellers of computers, laptops, and smartphones love to have their items discounted on Tuesday. Now, these are the days for shopping, but you can read pamphlets and promotions every day of the week. Maybe you’ll find the right times right now on this one

2. Be Smart With Coupons


Have you ever seen Extreme Couponing on TLC? If you have, then you know how many wonders can be done with coupons. Online shopping is no different in this domain. If you have coupons and discounts make sure to sue them. The one issue that might arise is if you have a few discounts on the same web platform. It is essential to sue them all in the right order to maximize your discount. The best example is if you have a code for a 30% discount and a $20 coupon. The right course of action would be to use the discount code first to lower the price, only to later have the additional $20 subtracted from the price. Have this in mind when you find yourself in a similar situation.

3. Beware of Dynamic Pricing Tag


Now, this is a funny one. Actually, it’s one thing we hate about the internet. Our very move is being tacked, there’s no going around this notion. One way or another, we leave a trail that can be traced back to us. Cookies and similar helpers help the websites of knowing our preferences. Based on what we looked at in the apps and our online shopping preferences a price will be made especially for us.

Sometimes this will result in a major discount. Other times the formed price would be higher than for someone else. Imagine that, every customer receives its price. To avoid this from happening, and to get a fair price not tailored for you, you need to delete all the cookies of a specific website you’re visiting, log out of your account, or even see the offer they have through an incognito window.

4. Use a Cart Tactically


This is one wicked tip, trust us. When you go on a shopping spree, don’t buy all the items you want straight away.

No, there is a merry-go-round in the cart. All you need to do is put the items you want to buy in the cart. This is the common thing everyone does. Bt, instead of paying for them the straight way, you let them lie down in the cart. This will push the retailer to ask about the items you have in the cart but aren’t still buying. They won’t come out with an inquiry per se, but there’s a chance you’ll receive a coupon or a discount. Of course, this is not some magic, and it will not work every time, but it’s worth of effort. Retailers are well aware of this tactic, but they also have discounts and coupons in-store, so you might just go for it.

5. Use The Price-Drop


Shopping online has many advantages, both for the buyer and the seller. Sometimes when you seek a certain item, and you buy it at a favorable price, it doesn’t mean it will not drop further. For example, my friend Dragan bought a table at JYSK for $220. When he went to pick it up, the same table was on display priced at only $175.

He confronted the store manager on the matter and received the full discount despite agreeing on the price of $220 he already paid. This is called a price-drop, and it is a reason you should follow the price of a product you already bought in the few days after the purchase. There’s a chance the price will sink even lower, and you are entitled to ask for your purchase to be priced the same way. Of course, some retailers won’t accept your notion, but many will, so there’s no harm in attempting this.

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