Origin Of Slides & Different Ways To Pair Them

Are you perplexed in pairing the slides with different outfits? Well, Its ok, not everyone has excellent fashion sense! Or even if you were not a slides person and recently started loving them, it would be a little tricky for you to pair them. We will tell you about the slides’ fun facts and different ways to pair them in this article. Let’s get started!

Slides – Comfortable Footwear!

It’s not the slide you have been enjoying in the parks; it is a slide sandal, but not all the sandals are called slides. The slide is an open-toed and backless sandal with one or more straps going through the center top part of the sandal. It may have a braided, direct, or transparent strap on it. Slide sandals got the name slide as it is comfortable for you to slide off and on foot.

Where Were Slides Found First?


Slides are comfortable, classy, and aesthetic footwear mostly wore in the summer season. People have been styling slides around the world for centuries. You must be like ‘centuries? Like seriously? Yes, it’s a fact that slide sandals have been styling for centuries. The earliest slide sandal was found during archaeological lodgings in the South-West of America about 8000 years old.

What’s The Difference Between A Flip Flop And A Slider?

Sliders and flip flops are casual sandals, but they stand apart worlds with regard to design, origin, and style. Flip flops are distinguished by their flat soles and Y-shaped straps, which make them easy to identify. Flip flops, also known as thong sandals, have held a commanding position at the forefront of hot weather footwear since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

The iconic modern sandal, on the other hand, is the sliders. They’re cooler and more comfortable than a pair of flip flops, and they’re the go-to summer footwear for guys and girls looking for a fuss-free, minimal, and stylish fashion sandal! You won’t find a more versatile summer sole, from the gym to the garden, to the vacation pool, to the sociable hours of the summer night.

Where Should You Wear Your Slides?


In and Around the House In and Around the House Just look out for a pair of Slides from your room door to your kitchen floor for comfortable and stylish sashes. Slides are the footwear of choice for the modern home. Slippers have been replaced by a more fashionable option.

At Parties

This is a necessity for a great summer party. Style oozes from every pore; stay comfortable and dance the night away. You’ve got your summer party footwear covered.

To the Gym


Just by stepping out of your house, to the gym floor via the yoga mat, and then onto the workstation, you can feel effortless, active, and stylish using Slides. This is the post-gym shoe that provides significant relaxation benefits.

At the Swimming Pool

Slides are your go-to poolside footwear essential, whether you’re lounging in your swimsuit or sipping a cocktail by the poolside bar.

On the Sands of the Beach


Take a dip in the pool. But first and foremost, throw away your Havaianas and join the revolution. Slides are a classic in the world of beach footwear, and they’re not going anywhere.

When you’re on Vacation

The sandals of the twenty-first century use the best materials. Slides are extremely adaptable and will ensure that you stand out whether you’re at the hotel, on the beach, or in the restaurant. Dress up them, dress them up, make sure that you wear them boldly whatever you do.

In the Garden


This is the ideal gardening shoe. Wear them while you’re tending to your summer garden, and don’t forget about those barbecue gatherings.

As you are Traveling

Whether you’re driving or taking a flight, Slides are the most secure and fashionable travel footwear option available. These comfortable, lightweight shoes allow your feet to breathe and relax while traveling by car, plane, ferry, or train. The list could go on and on.

Why The Trendy Footwear?


Slides have become all-time favorite footwear for the generation. The top-rated reason for their popularity is the comfortability, and easiness one feels when wearing it. You may remember these are the same rubber ones you wear for showers and groceries, but it has now become a trend because your favorite brands have launched different styles, fashion, and designs of these slides that are enough to make you fall in love with them.

6 Simple Ways To Pair Slides

1. Create Everyday Look

You can create the simple everyday look by pairing your cute little heeled slides with the jeans. Pairing them with tapered or cropped denim can create a great casual look. Just imagine yourself wearing skinny denim jeans with a white off-the-shoulder top, styling with a pair of FreedomMoses white slides!

2. Create A Formal Look

Another way to pair slides is to create a formal look with plain shiny slides by pairing them up with a formal floral suit. You can have a white t-shirt, floral western blazer, pants a little high from your ankle, a beautiful pair of slides, and look! You are ready to steal the event.

3. StreetWear Look


You can make a streetwear look in summers to go out for an evening walk or anything. Style yourself by pairing slides with black shorts, a black t-shirt, a p-cap of the same colour, and put your socks on. You can style like this whenever going for a walk, to meet a friend or anything unfussy.

4. Night-Out Look

Wearing heels at night-out with friends is so painful that you even walk so hard. Make your night-out frustration-free by pairing your criss-cross style white slides with a blue jumpsuit. Keep yourself look natural by wearing natural jewellery.

5. Floral Look

Make yourself more beautiful by creating a floral look with a pair of slides. Make your afternoon events or your friend’s beach wedding event even more pretty and straightforward. Wear a floral maxi with simple matching slides and fine jewellery for an eye-catching look.

6. Evening Look

Are you getting ready to hang out with friends? Don’t worry, and we have a comfortable look for you! Pair your slides with balloon pants, a plain t-shirt, and a mini denim jacket to strike the pose. Another way to style with slides can be a flapper, a loose shirt, and a bun and see? You’re done!

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