Most Followed National Basketball Association Players On Instagram In 2024

Sports enthusiasts keenly enjoy learning about their favorite players’ professional and personal life in more detail. They look forward to learning how their favorite athletes live their life, what their apartment looks like, who they meet with, how their health is keeping up etc. It is quite normal to do so if you follow any sports field ardently and look up to a specific person in that area.

Today, Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms where people share insights into their personal life. Instagram’s popularity has grown exponentially in the past few years. This photo-sharing platform has 1.074 billion users around the globe in 2024. It is a popular medium for people to connect with celebrities and with real-life personas as well. These celebrities can be from the entertainment, music, cooking industry and may even be a sports star. With the help of the correct branding and marketing company, you can also boost your follower count on Instagram. Read more about it here.

Since basketball is a highly popular sport and many fans love to follow their favorite basketball player, it is extremely normal for a National Basketball Association (‘NBA’) star to have a massive following of people dying to know about their life a bit more. In this article, we will tell you about the most followed players of the NBA on Instagram in 2024.

You can check this out in the list below and find the kind of content they create on this photo-sharing platform:

1. LEBRON JAMES – 81.4 Million Followers on Instagram

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He is an NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers and is considered as one of the greatest NBA players in history. This small forward player is often compared to Michael Jordan and has won four NBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, four Finals Most Valuable Player (‘MVP’) Awards, and the NBA MVP.

LeBron James uses Instagram with the ID @kingjames and has 81.2 million followers. Apart from his profession, LeBron keeps updating his Instagram profile with pictures of his children and moments from his personal life. He has a total of 2,149 posts. He also posts about the Black Lives Matter” movement and claims justice for victims that have lost their lives because of racism.

2. STEPHEN CURRY – 33.1 Million Followers on Instagram

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Wardell Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry II plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He’s a point guard who has been remarked as the most excellent shooter in NBA history. He is an inspiration for many people and is famous for his three-point shot. During his association with Golden State Warriors, he has won three NBA Championships. He has a career free throw percentage of 90.6%, one of the highest in NBA history.

Curry’s Instagram ID is @stephencurry30, and 33.1 million Instagram users follow him. He has 934 Instagram posts- some concerning his career and some relating to his personal life. He’s posted several pictures with his wife, Ayesha Curry.

3. RUSSEL WESTBROOK – 16 Million Followers on Instagram

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Russel Westbrook is a Washington Wizards point-guard who was earlier associated with Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets. He ranks second in NBA’s history of players who have scored triple-doubles. Accredited with numerous accomplishments and awards, Russel has gained a lot of popularity in this field. He had also won a second gold medal when he played in the 2012 Summer Olympics team.

Russel has 16 million followers on Instagram, and he has posted 1,271 times on this photo-sharing platform. He utilizes his Instagram to talk about his career, share insights of his basketball experiences, posts about his family, and even his apparel line- Honor The Gift.

4. KYRIE IRVING – 14.4 Million Followers on Instagram

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The Brooklyn Nets point guard is a top-rated and one of the most loved basketball players. He’s a six-time All-Star awardee and has been a member of the All-NBA Team two times. He had also won an NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. Before joining the Cavaliers in 2011, he used to play basketball in college with the Duke Blue Devils. He won the MVP Award for the All-Star game in 2014 and made the winning three-point goal in the 2016 NBA Finals championship.

Kyrie Irving’s Instagram username is @kyrieirving, and it has 380 posts. Irving has a following of 14.4 million users, and he follows 691 people. He posts about gratitude and God occasionally and even speaks of his native indigenous black ancestors.

5. KEVIN DURANT – 11.8 Million Followers on Instagram

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The small forward/power forward player is associated with the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA. He’s one of the world’s highest-earning basketball players, with a net worth of $170 million. From being one of the greatest basketball players in his college to becoming one of the wealthiest NBA players of all time, the 32-year-old has come a long way.

Kevin Durant goes by the Instagram ID @easymoneysniper and has a following of 11.8 million users. He has only 68 posts on his Instagram, where he mostly shares details of his career and basketball experiences. However, Kevin had posted an entire video about his hometown on the social media app, which has helped his followers get an insight into where he’s coming from and his overall journey.

Final Word

Based on the above list of the top five NBA players with the most number of Instagram user followers, one can easily infer that these players provide good insight to their followers on their daily life- apart from moments concerning their career.

Instagram provides a platform to these players to take a break from work and share precious moments from their life and journey leading to their present-day success. Hence, by following our list of the most followed NBA players on Instagram in 2024, you can easily connect with your favorite NBA player. TypE their username on Instagram and become a part of their life virtually!

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