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How to Distress Leather Boots: 7 Convenient Tips For Everyone

Leather boots are indeed the most commonly worn boots around the world. However, have you ever experienced the toughness of these leather boots as soon as you buy the new ones from the market? Have you ever thought that I might have gotten a wrong size of leather boots and they might not fit my feet perfectly?

The reason behind this is not the incorrect size of the boots rather it is because the leather boots are not distressed. Now you might be wondering why do we even need to distress leather boots? Well, it is necessary so that you can easily break into them and walk around with them very comfortably. You do not necessarily need to deshape them in doing so instead your goal should be to make the boots flexible enough for putting them on nicely.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you some very useful tips for distressing leather boots. In order to do so easily without spoiling their shape, you can make use of any of the seven tips discussed below:

Tip 1. Striking a Rock against your Leather Boots

This is the easiest and the cheapest method of distressing your leather boots. All you have to do is to take a sharp edged rock and start striking it against your boots. After a few strokes, you will notice that your leather boots have softened enough that you can easily put them on.

Tip 2. Banging your Leather Boots with a Hammer

Hammers are a readily available tool in almost every house. These hammers can also play a lead role in distressing your leather boots. Just take a hammer and start banging the toe cap and heels of your leather boots with it. You need to apply medium level of pressure. Neither too small nor too much as you do not want the hammer to damage your boots. With a little effort, your boots will be all set to be worn.

Tip 3. Rolling your Car Tyre over your Boots

This tip might sound funny and a bit unrealistic but you can actually distress your leather boots by rolling your car tyre over them. All you have to do is to place your newly bought leather boots on the road or in your driveway. Now move your car back and forth multiple times as its tyre roll over your boots. After doing that, turn your boots upside down and repeat the same process until your boots are nicely distressed.

Tip 4. Rubbing your Boots with a Sandpaper

This method is not the favorite one for most of the people as they highly doubt that it is going to destroy the original finish of their boots. That is why, if you do not like this tip, you are most welcome to use any other alternative discussed over here. For this, you need to have a sandpaper and rub it gently all over your leather boots until they get flexible enough to be worn easily.

Tip 5. Brushing your Boots

This method takes some time to work, however, it assures that the shape and finish of your leather boots is well maintained even after following this tip for several times. All you have to do is to take a hard bristled shoe brush and start buffing your boots with it for a considerable amount of time for distressing your leather boots well.

Tip 6. Walking around with your Leather Boots

This is the most natural tip of distressing . Again, this tip might take a longer time to work but it will surely work without deshaping your leather boots. Just put on your boots and start walking around with them. You can do this exercise daily while staying at your home or even at a place somewhere near your house. You should continue doing it until your boots are well distressed and then they will be all set to be worn anywhere outside even for longer periods of time.

If your work includes walking or travelling, like if you are a logger or going on a hunt, this tip would work well as your boots will be distressed within no time. Furthermore, you may check out some of the latest leather logger boots that you can buy for comfortable working in our article best logger boots. They will definitely distress easily while making your heavy-duty tasks easy at the same time.

Tip 7. Using Alcohol

Mix equal parts of alcohol and water and put this mixture in a spray bottle. Now spray this mixture all over your leather boots in a way that they get nicely damp. Now try to squeeze and fold your boots from multiple different angles to give them a good flex. After doing that, let your leather boots to dry.

As soon as they will dry up, you will notice some wrinkles all over your leather boots which is a very good sign of your leather boots being distressed.

How to make your Leather Boots appear Well-Conditioned even after being Distressed?

Obviously when you will treat your leather boots with any of the tips mentioned above, no matter how recently have you bought your leather boots, they will start appearing to be worn out.

Although, our goal was to achieve perfectly distressed leather boots which we can easily achieve by following any of the tips discussed over here however, we still do not want to compromise on the look of our newly bought leather boots.

Therefore, here we are with another tip for you that is to be followed after your leather boots are well distressed. All you have to do in this regard is to take a good quality boot polish that matches the color of your leather boots and apply it all over your boots with the help of a brush. This will not only enhance the shine of your leather boots but will also make them look newer yet distressed. If you decide to apply this tip, don’t forget to view our recommended best 5 boot polishes and creams for 2024 here.


By following any of the seven tips discussed in this article, you can easily manage to distress your leather boots. Now you are no longer confined to any single method of achieving this goal rather you are provided with multiple different options to choose from right according to your own convenience. And once you manage to do so, you can easily get their original look back by following the pro tip discussed in the last paragraph.

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