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How to Darken Leather: Effective Methods 2024!

Leather boots are an incredible investment for your closet. They can keep going forever and give a chic touch to any outfit. They do require some unique consideration. Some great leathers are hardened and light in shading until they’re worn in. Leather may likewise blur after some time. In the two cases there are basic and cheap approaches to darken leather, condition and relax it, as well. So go though the methods below to know more about how you can darken leather easily.

Method 1: Use Olive Oil

A few leathers respond ineffectively to darkening procedures. Olive oil may darken the boots very well. Following steps will guide you to darken your leather boots with the help of olive oil.

Step 1: First test a subtle piece of the boots, similar to within or the heel.

Step 2: Essentially apply a touch of olive oil to the test region and let it dry for 24 hours. In case you’re content with the outcomes. You can darken the remaining of your boots utilizing olive oil.


Step 3: Pour one tablespoon olive oil on a washcloth and rub into your boots, beginning at the toes and working upward. Include another tablespoon of olive oil to the washcloth if necessary, yet be cautious—a lot of oil can darken the boots too rapidly or leave the leather clingy.

Step 4: Let the olive oil dry for 24 hours. In the event that the outcome isn’t sufficiently dull, rehash until you get the ideal impact.

Method 2: Use Vegetable Oils

Vegetable Oils are extremely helpful at darkening the leather boots. Coconut oil is my preferred oil to darken leather boots. Some other choices are sunflower, soybean, and canola oil as well.

Here’s a precautionary measure however. Prior to meeting oil with the leather, ensure it is fluid and not solidified. Don’t hesitate to warm the oil on the stove or microwave so that it melts

Step 1: Melt the oil first.

Step 2: Look around for a bowl and a spotless cloth.

Step 3: Pour some oil in the bowl and plunge the cloth in it. Smear the cloth well overall.

Step 4: Squeeze the cloth in the bowl to free it of extra oil.

Step 5: Using the cloth, apply the oil from toe to heels of your boot

Step 6: Make sure to apply the oil in a round movement just with the goal that it can leak profound into the leather.

Step 7: Now it’s an ideal opportunity to air dry the boots for 24 hours. Prior to that, ensure you stirred up any oil drops superficially.

Repeat if vital.

Method 3: Use Leather Oil, Animal Oil, Neat’s-foot And Mink Oil

A few oils like Neat’s-foot and mink work extraordinary to darken any leather. They are obtained from animal fats. They by and large will in general produce preferable and darker outcomes over vegetable oils. The main catch is that they are not generally accessible at home and you may need to get them from a store close by. The way toward applying these animal fat oils on your leather boots is not quite the same as with vegetable oils. It is explained below.

Step 1: Touch your finger in the compartment and take a limited quantity of oil.

Step 2: Now spread the quantity on the whole surface of the leather boots with your fingers and thumb. Do it in a round about movement as it were. Back rub until it leaks profound into the leather.

Step 3: Both Neat’s-foot and Mink oil are extremely dark at drying, so don’t go the air dry way instead put your boots close to a warmth source (in any event three meters from the source) or close to daylight (yet in conceal) to accelerate the procedure.

Method 4: Use Boot Polish

You can easily darken your leather boots with the help of boot polish. If you plan to do so but don’t have enough time to lookout for the best ones, then visit our latest review covering the Best Boot Polish for 2024.

Choose a shade that is a few shades darker than the present shade of your leather footwear.

Method 5: Use Leather Dye

A leather dye darken your boots forever. It doesn’t make the present shade of your boots darker yet covers an altogether new shading on your boots. I prescribe this technique on the off chance that you need to change the shade of your leather boots forever. There’s no returning.

Additionally, the liquor based color may make the leather excessively solid, while, the water-based color may make the leather excessively delicate.

Ensure that you are wearing gloves and are in a very much ventilated territory of your home. I added it to the rundown since it’s a powerful method to obscure your leather boots. Use it if everything else comes up short.


There is no need to worry about your leather footwear anymore as we have presented variety of methods above. Go for the one that best suits your needs and darken the leather successfully.

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