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Hire a Personal Trainer or Not When You Decide to Hit the Gym

In recent years, more and more people are opting for workout programs with personal trainers. We can’t notice that there are many apps taking the role of your own personal trainers. Even though these appear to be useful, such apps neglect numerous factors, for instance, a medical check before starting to work out, possible injuries…

So, keep using the apps for other things (shopping online, hanging out on social media, betting at bookmakers with quality apps that are listed at…), not for working out. For this, you need a trainer you will be working with in person.

When asked if you need a personal trainer, our answer is YES if you find yourself in any of the following statements…

I’m a Complete Novice and Have No Idea Where to Begin


A personal trainer will instruct you to choose the type of training that suits you best. They will create a workout plan tailored to your needs and goals. They will carefully instruct you on how to perform each of the exercises correctly. This is especially important in order to avoid injuries, but also to increase the efficiency of exercise.

The personal trainer knows how much weight you should (and should not) lift in the gym, how many repetitions you need to do, how many (and how long) breaks you need to take… but also how to eat properly, how much fluid to drink, etc.

I Want to Learn to Perform Exercises Correctly And/or to Learn to Work Out on My Own


If you don’t exercise properly, you will find it difficult to achieve the desired goal. Working with a personal trainer is a process of education and one day you can and will gain enough knowledge to continue working out on your own. The trainer will show you different exercises that affect certain muscle groups.

While working with a personal trainer, you will learn about muscles, how they work, and what it takes to activate them, strengthen them…

I Want to Work Out, but I Don’t Have a Strong Enough Motivation to Start And/or Persevere in It
Your personal trainer will recommend exercises that will stimulate various physiological processes and increase endorphin release. This will improve your mood and give you extra strength and motivation to exercise. A good personal trainer will prepare you to do your best and push the boundaries.

By reporting to your trainer on whether your eating habits, for example, have changed or not, you will approach everything more responsibly. A good personal trainer will design training that you will gladly go to and thus acquire a routine and exercise habit.

I Work Out Regularly, but the Results Are Lacking


Together with the personal trainer, you will analyze the training until a certain point and notice what mistakes you made. A personal trainer will help you create effective training, monitor your progress, and guide you further towards new goals and ways to achieve them. Even if you are an extremely experienced exerciser, a personal trainer always has something to teach you.

Let’s say your goal is to lose weight and your focus is on cardio workouts, but you fail at it. Maybe you are missing strength exercises or core exercises in achieving your goal – your trainer will notice this best.

I Can’t Set Realistic Goals


What do you want to achieve with working out? Do you have a specific goal? We admit that it is not easy to set goals, but it is extremely important to define why you work out. It would be great to reach the desired figure after the first training, but that is impossible.

A personal trainer will help you with your knowledge and skills to set realistic and achievable goals in a certain period of time.

I’m Tired of Training. I Need a Challenge


A good personal trainer knows how to design your exercise plan so that it is challenging just for you and will push you towards success more than you can do yourself. They will reveal new dimensions of exercise to you, refer you to different devices or props.

One study showed that exercisers achieve 30 % better results with personal trainers. Maybe they will reveal competitions you didn’t know about (this applies to professional fitness athletes). A personal trainer becomes your advisor and ally.

I Can’t Attend Training Regularly Because of Other Obligations


Working with a personal trainer does not have to mean going to a fitness center. Training can be organized in your home or in a nearby park or where you agree with your coach (of course, this will cost you more). This is another advantage of working out with a personal trainer – because the place and time of training are flexible.

By scheduling an appointment and a place to train with a coach, you will have more responsibility, and over time you will better organize other activities. Personal trainers understand the obligations of their clients and adjust the dates, place, and type of training accordingly.

I Have a Specific Injury/Health Problem


The most important thing is to first consult with your doctor regarding physical activity. When a doctor or physical therapist gives you the green light, a personal trainer enters the scene. It is extremely important that you inform the chosen trainer about the injury and/or health problem you are living with, as well as about the medications you are taking if they are part of your therapy.

Accordingly, the personal trainer will design an exercise plan just for you so as to avoid any further risk to your health. In this case, it is important to check if the trainer you have chosen has experience in working with people who are struggling with certain health issues.

I’m Preparing for a Specific Sport/Sporting Event


You are practicing a certain sport and you want to improve your skills or you are about to have an important sporting event? A personal trainer will design a training program accordingly and fit it into your existing training system, taking care not to overtrain you and give you enough time to rest and recover.

Whether you are a golfer, runner, cyclist, basketball player, or bodybuilder, a personal trainer can greatly contribute to your sporting success.

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