How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Fur Coats

It’s certainly great that today, all that we need for shopping is a stable WiFi connection, and voila, in a matter of minutes or days, depending on the type of items we bought and ordered, it will arrive at our home address. Now, this is just one of the perks of online shopping, and another, probably even more important, is that we simply sometimes don’t have enough time to go from store to store, or as some prefer more, go on a shopping spree.

On the other hand, some items we simply must buy in person. Take searching for certain items or even clothes as an example, and although shopping online is much easier and more convenient, it’s always a much preferable option to do it in person.

There are plenty of reasons why, but the most crucial one is that we want to buy a high-quality product. Namely, when that item or piece of clothing is expensive, and we have to pay much to buy it, not doing proper research and checking the reviews of previous customers can lead to ending up with something that’s far from what we looked at when we clicked that “order now” button. The only way to tell the difference between a fake and real brand, for starters, is by checking the quality of the material and printing, but that’s just the beginning.

You should always buy expensive clothes in person


All of this gets even more enhanced when we talk about pieces of clothing where a difference between real and fake can mean a big difference not just in the overall price we will have to pay but in the durability and overall looks of those clothes. That’s why shopping for a fur coat, for example, is a much more complex thing than some might realize, as sometimes, it can get pretty difficult to tell the difference between real and fake fur. Of course, there is no need to worry, as all that you need is right here, and you can either keep reading as we will further discuss how to determine whether fur coat is real or not, or click here and check a great collection of fur coats for both man and women.

Looking at the labels might be the key to successful shopping


For some, looking at the labels and checking the material along with at what temperature you should wash that clothing is natural and among some of the first things they do, but the majority overlook this step. Not checking the label is a mistake, as all the info you might seek is right there. Even though the ad might say that the fur coat is made of 100% real fur, that’s just the marketing strategy and campaign, and yes, the ads might be deceiving, which is only a reason more to check the product in person, and there is no better way to do so than by checking the label. Determining whether the label is fake or not is yet another problem, but the one you can notice solve, and all that’s needed is to look for the constitution of the item.

Checking how it feels to the touch is a must


One of the simplest methods to inspect if the coat is made of natural or imitation fur is to touch it, as you can see a lot from a simple touch. A real one is always soft, and touching it feels like touching a real animal. On the other side, the fake one is never soft enough, and it can feel a little sharp as it is made of plastic or synthetic. If your hands are not completely dry, faux fur will probably feel sticky, so you might feel like you are touching a stuffed animal instead of a coat.

A simple look at the base can show us the difference


The real fur comes from an animal, which means that the base of the coat will look much different than the one made from the fake one. A coat made from real fur will, in most cases, have a base made of tanned animal skin, which is easy to notice with one simple look. When it comes to the fibers attached to the skin, by looking at them, you will notice that they are not of the same size, and it is one of the best indicators. On the other side, fake fur looks completely different, and its base is always woven fabric with sewed fibers of the same size, and it is impossible not to notice that.

Sacrificing a few fibers might look extreme but it is not


People are usually not willing to try this, for many of them extreme test, but sacrificing a few fibers can show us if we are dealing with real or fake fur in a few seconds. All we need to do is to put them close to some open flame and burn their ends. Of course, it is always a good idea to find a place that is not that visible and to burn only a few fibers, so no one will be able to notice that. If you decide to do that, the first indicator is the smell, and real fur fibers will smell just like human hair when it is burnt. On the other side, faux fur fibers will probably start melting and smell like molten plastic.

Checking how much does it cost can tell us a lot


The name of the brand and the price are valid indicators of the quality of various products, and coats are not an exception. Brands that produce coats made of real fur will always have a higher price since the manufacturing process is much more costly, and owning a coat of high quality is a matter of prestige. Coats made of fake material are much more affordable thanks to the cheaper fabrics and manufacturing process, as most of them are made in factories with the same design. In most cases, the price can be a great indicator, but be careful and check other things too to avoid becoming a victim of the scam and overpaying for a product that does not have a high quality. Choosing the one with the signature of some famous brand might be more expensive, but it is always a good choice.

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