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Can You Get Your Rainbow Sandals Wet?

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Rainbow sandals are usually made up of rubber and they are considered as highly comfortable footwear. People wear them mostly at their homes or even while going to beaches. These sandals initially appear to be a little tight and uncomfortable. However, there are different ways in which you can easily break into them and match them perfectly well to your foot size.

Usually, the shoes that are made up of leather or suede are not supposed to be dipped in water. The reason behind that is that water has the tendency to destroy the shoe material. In these circumstances, a question that often strikes our minds is that if we can get our rainbow sandals wet or not? In order to know the answer to this question and some more useful information regarding rainbow sandals, you will need to go through this article.

Can you get Rainbow Sandals Wet?

Well, the answer to this simple and straight forward question is a “YES”. It means that it is perfectly alright to get your rainbow sandals wet which implies that you can take this risk without having the fear of damaging your sandals. Now the next question that comes in our minds is why do we need to get our rainbow sandals wet in the first place? Let us try to answer this question in the paragraphs below.

Breaking into Rainbow Sandals

The best tip for breaking into your rainbow sandals is to wear your sandals and then dip your feet in a bathtub filled with water and quickly taking them out. You will notice that your sandals are nicely wet. After doing this, start walking around with these sandals. After some time, the rubber will start softening because of the moisture and you will easily be able to break into your rainbow sandals.

Getting Perfectly Fitting Rainbow Sandals

In order to make your brand new rainbow sandals to fit perfectly to your foot size, you can follow the same tip as described above. This will not only ensure a good fitting of your sandals but will also provide you more comfort. This, in turn, will be responsible for preventing your feet from getting any blisters.

Cleaning your Rainbow Sandals

For cleaning your rainbow sandals, you need to have a soft-bristled brush. With the help of this brush, you can rub away all the loose dust particles. Now take a clean wet cloth and rub it all across your sandals. After doing this, take a bowl filled with lukewarm water and mix in it a few drops of liquid soap. Apply this mixture all across your rainbow sandals with another clean cloth. Continue doing it until all the stains are removed. Now take a paper towel to absorb the excess liquid from your sandals. Finally, let them dry before you can put them on again. Be careful as your rainbow sandals can get cracks after drying if they are saturated during the process. If that happens, do not worry as you can buy a good pair of flip flops as an alternative to your sandals by going through our latest review here.


From the above discussion, we can easily say that there is no harm in getting your rainbow sandals wet. In fact, doing so will allow you to break into your sandals easily and will also make your sandals fit perfectly well to your feet. In addition to this, you will also be able to get your stained rainbow sandals cleaned by making them wet. Therefore, it is very safe to say that you can get your rainbow sandals wet if you wish to get the above-mentioned advantages.

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