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5 Things You should look for When Buying High-Quality Persian Rugs

Decorating our home is one of the things that no matter how much time or money we invest in doing so, somehow there is always something more to add, something to change, or something better that will make our home just the way we like it. When it comes to decorating, rugs can play a great role in that, but picking the best one can be challenging. Searching for the right rug is never easy, as there are many things to consider, but what we all want is some authentic rug, preferably made from natural materials, and what better way to get all that than to get an authentic Persian rug.

But why are they so popular? Well, there are many factors, and whether you like the motives, the materials, or that they are handmade, or the story behind one and the story they tell, there really is something for everyone. Knowing all this, it is no wonder why everyone knows about them and wants to get one. But, since that’s the case, there are also many of those who want to take advantage of that, which is why we gathered some tips on what to look for when buying high-quality Persian rug and avoid getting scammed, so let’s check them out.

1. Check how it is made

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If you want to buy a quality Persian rug that will last for years, the only right choice is to buy a hand-made one. It can take more than few years to make one, and because of that, its value is not decreasing over time. That means that you can have a marvelous piece of art in your home and get all the money back if you decide to sell it. In most cases, you will probably earn some more because their value is increasing, and with time the price can get only higher.

The other option is to go with those that are made on the machine, and they do not have a really high value. They may look similar to the authentic Persian rugs, but they are not something that you can expect to have a higher value over time. Their production takes a few minutes, and their quality cannot be compared to the hand-made rugs because each of them is unique and made with much love.

2. Think about the price and set a budget

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As it takes a lot of time to make a quality carpet, you must keep in mind that their price is not low either and although because of their popularity, there are many copies that you can buy for less money, those copies have no artistic value, nor can they last long. Most of these carpets can last for years without any damage when they are of high quality. Because of that, it is pretty significant to keep in mind that depending on the size, material, and pattern, the price can be higher.

If you think that price is questionable, there is probably something wrong, so it is better to check the product in detail before buying to avoid being deceived. There are a lot of people who want to decorate their homes with this type of art, but also many of those looking to earn quick bucks by selling copies. All this is a reason more why it is of great importance to know and be sure of what exactly you should check out and look for when buying one.

3. Learn about its meaning

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Maybe the most exciting thing about Persian rugs is the story behind them. Each of them has one, and probably every person wants to know it before purchasing. The tree of life is one of the most popular patterns because it represents eternal life, so people believe that it will bring luck into their homes. Besides that, the usual details and patterns are motives inspired by nature, such as flowers or animals. Since their production requires a lot of time, there is enough of it to record a story.

Each of them has a lot to say, and their stories range from love tales to those about battles. Each rug is a mystery itself, and discovering the magic knitted into it makes the whole purchase even more fascinating. Because of that, buying it from the locals can be the best decision, because they know the most about their culture and besides purchasing the quality rug, you will learn a lot.

4. Check the motives and how heavy it is

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Besides their mesmerizing beauty, there are some aspects and things to look for to know and be sure that it is an authentic Persian rug. Let’s start with the color, which is, in most cases, a variation of red and burgundy. That, along with the motives of leaves, flowers, and medallions in all four corners, is a sign that you are looking at the original and authentic Persian rug. The other thing is that these are rugs made from materials like silk or wool, which adds up to its thickness, so they can never be thin or light. With that said, if the one you are looking at is thin, or it is not heavy when you pick it up, the chances are great that it is not the authentic rug, but some cheap copy.

5. Artificially or naturally aged

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Now we know that they are handmade, but that’s not all, as those with high value are pretty old, which is greatly reflected in their price. Nonetheless, checking for signs to see if the rug is artificially or naturally aged can mean a lot, and you can do that by separating the roots from the pile. When you do so, if it is dark, then it is a sign that the rug has been treated with some chemicals and has no real value. Among that, there are also rugs made in factories which are mostly for tourist and commercial use.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they are bad, just that they do not have high value, and if you want the authentic one, going to a trustworthy seller or website like persianandmodernrugs.com can save you both time and money, as you will get what you wanted precisely, not have to worry about its authenticity, and it will not take too much of your time.

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