What Does a Lifestyle Manager Do? 5 Things to Know

Let’s not start this article with a misunderstanding. A lifestyle manager is not someone who dictates how you live your life. On the contrary, a lifestyle manager is there to help you to take advantage of the life in front of you and use it to the fullest. For the most part, all of us think we have things under control. While this might be true to an extent it’s not always like that. We have work to do, and families to take care of, and when it comes to resting we lose ourselves.

Forgetting how and when to rest can be devastating to one’s well being. How about taking better care of yourself? It is always the right thing to do. A lifestyle manager is someone who will take care that you have balance in your life. It is all about making the work you put in pays off in the right way. Considering that you’re reading this article you are not familiar with the function of one such manager. That’s fine. As we said, many people misunderstand the function in its essence. Let’s make a few steps in the right direction with this article.

The Duties of a Lifestyle Manager


What you need to understand is that we are talking about a fully-fledged occupation here. Businesses such as are run by professionals and they excel in this domain. They achieve this by having clear goals and duties set in place. A true lifestyle manager needs to be able to cover a wide range of responsibilities. First of all, they can be in charge of organizing individual or group events.

Beyond that, if you’re too busy even with handling your work, they can be a part of scheduling your meetings, talking to employees, and even doing the hiring. Furthermore, if their skills allow it, they can be a part of your overall well-being by creating your schedules, workout routine, and being in charge of everything wellness tied to your life. Also, it’s important to notice that lifestyle managers are not only employed by individuals. They can be hired by companies in which case they are put in charge of various employee activities, hiring, HR duties, and working on developing a corporal culture.

The Attributes of a Lifestyle Manager

This is quite a fine profession. One dedicated to improving one or a group’s overall lifestyle, well-being, and general life experiences. It is a profession based on anticipation. It is all about the client’s needs that need to be seen in advance. This is what allows them to create and put to life ideas that will enhance the life experience of their clients. To be able to do this job properly one needs to be accurate, organized, space and time oriented to a fault, with great flexibility and communication skills. Also, the ability to react to a stressful situation and to handle stress daily is a necessity of top order.

Is Salary Any Good?


Now that you know what is required of a lifestyle manager and what attributes one needs to have you might be interested to learn more about it. Maybe you even want to become one? Everything is possible, so why not? For many people, this is an ideal calling. You can understand why. You’ll be working with high-end clients fulfilling their every need while living the same lifestyle yourself. Yes, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, if it is what you find interesting and have the qualifications for the job, why not try it out? But, of course, as in many other fields, you are probably interested to know how much a lifestyle manager earns. Let’s talk a little bit about money issues. Money talk matters in every line of work, and by now you know that much.

Of course, it all depends on where you work and who your clients are, but the average salary for a lifestyle manager is $66,500 a year. But, if you excel in this line of work, and you fit into the description of the world’s top 10% of managers in this department you can earn as much as $122,000. The interest in this line of work grows as we speak, and we can claim that it will continue to grow in the next few years too. What this means is that due to the competition the cost of work will increase too. So, don’t be surprised if the annual salary for a fine manager exceeds $150,000.

Required Education

While one could achieve plenty in this domain simply with good looks and talent, it rarely happens without education. You’re not Channing Tatum and this is not The Lost City. Every successful lifestyle manager has a track record of work in the domain and at least a bachelor’s degree in the field related to this line of work. In most cases, we are talking about health, nutrition, or science education. To be able to maintain other people’s lifestyles’ one needs to know how to take proper care of one’s own. This is easier said than done, and you understand why education matters in this field.



As we said, you could be successful based only on your talent. But, you need plenty more. First of all, to truly excel in this domain you need to be communicative. A lifestyle manager needs to have high communication skills.

The reason is simple. He is going to be the connection between numerous groups of people and individuals.

Beyond that, it is a necessity that you are adept in handling the so-called customer needs. This requires skills as this service is not as easy as it seems. Down-the-line leadership is needed too. You can’t manage one’s or your group’s lifestyle without being able to lead. This ties well with required managerial skills, as by now you understand why this position is called a managerial one. What ties the skills knot into one is the ability to access and solve problems. Without the combination of these skills, no talent nor education will help you excel in this field.

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