Best Work Socks for Steel Toe Boots 2024

Best Choice
Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack
Good Choice
Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack
Also Consider
Fruit of the Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Cushion Full Crew Socks
Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack
Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack
Fruit of the Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Cushion Full Crew Socks
Best Choice
Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack
Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack
Good Choice
Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack
Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack
Also Consider
Fruit of the Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Cushion Full Crew Socks
Fruit of the Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Cushion Full Crew Socks

Steel toe boots are one of the best inventions for people who have heavy-duty work, particularly blue-collar workers. While these shoes last long and protect your feet in harsh environments, they are often not the most comfortable. Ironically, sometimes you need to protect your feet from these steel toe work boots. They can hurt your toe and heel areas, cause blisters, and make your feet tire very easily. While there are many ways to remedy this, one of the easiest and cheapest ways in to invest in work socks. Yes, there are socks specifically designed to be worn for work boots.

Work socks are often thicker and much more durable than regular socks. These socks also have special reinforcements in the toe and heel area, providing extra protection and cushioning to your feet. Often, they are made of abrasion-resistant, breathable materials that protect your feet from all kinds of accidents and infections. So we have made a list of the 5 best work socks. All you need to do is go through it and decide which pair sounds the best for you!

1. Dickies Men’s Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

Best All-Rounder

  • Keep feet dry
  • Provide arch support
  • Machine washable
  • Very durable
  • Extra cushioning in the toe and heel area
  • Inconsistent sizes

Material: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex | Features: Arch Compression, Reinforced toe and heels, Ventilation Channel, Moisture-wicking | Technology: N/A

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Number 1 on our list is the Men’s Moisture Control Socks by Dickies. These socks come in packs of 3 or 6 pairs and are available in a range of colors. A carefully composed mix of different materials in used to make these socks, the exact composition being 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 1% Nylon.

These socks are made up of moisture-wicking fiber, which keeps your feet dry and safe from fungal diseases. Since the main material used in these socks in cotton, these are great in keeping your feet sweat-free. Additionally, these socks have a built-in ventilation channel (in the toe area), which keeps the air circulation going.


The augmented toes and heels provide extra protection against steel toe boots as well as cushioning in these areas. They also have arch compression, which makes these socks fit like a glove! They hug your feet, without cutting off the circulation by being too tight. This keeps them from bunching up in certain areas or slipping off, providing additional stability. The use of nylon and polyester in these socks makes them extremely durable. They may even last as long as your shoes do! These are also machine washable!

The only problem is that the company’s sizing isn’t very consistent, so you might have to take a risk with the sizing. Because of their material, these aren’t very stretchable either so it is important to get a size which fits you well! However, being all-rounders, these are one of the best work socks out there!

Customer Reports
Daniel T.

I bought a pack of these a year ago for everyday use and having worn them, well, every day, I can assure you they are still in top shape. I don’t actually work on my feet, but I live in a city and I walk a lot, and I’m generally an active person, and these socks have held up really well. Some day in the distant future when/if they do finally wear out, I will happily replace them with more of the same.

Shamus Mahan

These socks exceed expectations in their function as a covering for my feet. I daresay they might even be the best socks available, as far as regular socks go. It’s a nice, noticeable step up from the baseline in terms of comfort and quality. It’s hard to get really fired up about socks, but I mean, if these were a pizza instead of socks, they would be a wicked good pizza, and I’d probably be more enthusiastic.

2. Carhartt Men All Terrain Boot Socks

Best Fitting

  • Friction-reducing technology
  • Braced arches
  • Keep feet cool and dry
  • Provide full leg protection
  • Thicker than other socks
  • Leg might not fit well

Material: Polyester, Acrylic, Wool | Features: Mesh-cooling panels, 12 inch leg, Braced arches, Abrasion and friction resistant | Technology: Nanoglide

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These All Terrain boot socks are one of the many offered in their range of work socks, and these do not fail to rise up to the expectations. Available in a pack of 6 pairs, these socks come in three different colors: Brown, Grey, and Navy.

They are made up of a mixture of wool, polyester and acrylic. So these socks are extremely durable and can also keep your feet warm in cold conditions. Due to Nanoglide technology, these fit snugly to your heels and toes. This provides extra reinforcement in the heel and toe areas, providing cushioning. It also reduces friction between your feet and the hard material of your work boots, preventing blisters and other injuries from happening. The polyester used in these socks is abrasion-resistant and moisture-wicking, which keeps your feet dry and the socks from premature wear and tear. These also have braced arches to provide more comfort and stability.


Additionally, these socks have mesh-cooling panels combined with instep channels, which keeps the airflow going, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day. The leg comes up to about 12 inches so these will protect your legs from the hard surface of full-length boots as well.

However, these socks are made of wool, which makes them thicker than the usual work socks. This can make your boots fit a little more tightly if they’re already a bit on the tight side. The leg area also might not be a great fit, depending on the shape of your leg. But overall, these socks are one of the best in keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Customer Reports
Steve F

These socks are the best I’ve found for boots. Carhartt nailed it with this fabric blend and sock height. I’m speaking specifically for the brown/orange color sock. When these were sold on Carhartt’s website (they’ve since been discontinued, unfortunately) the other colors varied slightly in the material blend and possibly fit/height.

Chris N.

This might be the perfect sock. I wear a size 9.5. It always seems to me that winter weight socks fit a bit too large. These are perfect. My new favorite. I like Timberland and SmartWool, but I wish I bought more of these. They aren’t too bulky like a rag wool sock but are definitely a bit more robust than a regular athletic sock. Good arch support elastic. Worth the price.

3. Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Work Socks

Most Durable

  • Steel-toe construction
  • Customized fit
  • Keep feet warm
  • Spandex compression zones
  • Only available in one color
  • Might be too thick

Material: Acrylic, Nylon | Features: Wick dry, Contoured ribbed top, Leg protection | Technology: URfit system with memory knit compressions, Wick Dry

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This pair of socks is the perfect all-weather product. It can keep your feet very warm in the winters and at the same time, cool in the summers. Made up primarily from Acrylic and Nylon, they are thick and provide extra comfort and warmth to your feet.

They come with a steel-toe construction, with extra cushioning in the toe and heel area, which protects against the hardness of the shoes. They use a Wick Dry technology, which keeps feet dry and sweat-free! They also have a contoured ribbed top that keeps the airflow going, not only in the feet but also in the leg area.

The best part about these socks is that they use a URfit system which with its memory knit compressions, customizes itself according to the shape of your feet. This makes it a great fit for all foot kinds, specifically people with flat feet. These socks also have special spandex compression zones, which fit according to the contours of your feet, providing both extra comfort and more stability. These socks fit snugly and do not slip down. Moreover, they can easily last up to to 2-3 years!

The only downside is that these socks only come in one color i.e. white. However, their material allows them to be easily dyed. You might also find these socks to be too thick for your liking, so its better to try these out before buying them in bulk. Overall, these socks are among the most comfortable work socks out there!

Customer Reports

Awesome-socks (or is that awesome-sauce). At any rate, these socks are GREAT (according to my Landscape friend). I last bought them for him in September 2016. These socks have lasted over a year (it is now February 2018). In all fairness, they probably should have been replaced around a year but he is not good at buying this kind of stuff for himself. He used to wear two pairs of socks due to his feet getting wet, padding, and other landscapy stuff but only wears one pair with the Fox River Steel-Toe work sock. He swears to buy them and suggests them to others. Btw, I did buy several different pairs of socks for him to try so he could see what he liked most and these worked the best. These were not only the best socks, but the price was also reasonable and actually a deal for how long they lasted.


I am a Maintenance Tech for FedEx Ground, which means I have to wear 8″ boots that full leather, steel toe, and FR2 rated. The building is not insulated, so it’s extremely hot (120) in the summer, and extremely cold (10) in the winter. They are very thick, but keep your feet cool. My feet stay dry to the touch for the first six hours of my shift, and are not drenched after the next three. These are the best summer work socks that I’ve ever had, buying eight more pairs right now.

4. Hiking Socks for Men and Women by Thirty48

Most Warmth

  • Anti bacterial
  • Keep feet warm
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Elastic arch support
  • Thick
  • Might be too tight at the top
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Material: Acrylic wool, Polyester | Features: Anti bacterial, Friction resistant | Technology: N/A

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These socks by Thirty48 are primarily athletic socks, which is what makes them so good. They have been made with the outdoors in mind so you can wear them with hiking boots, as well as steel-toe work boots.

They are made up of acrylic faux wool and wicking polyester, with small bits of nylon and spandex. The polyester uses fast-drying technology, which keeps your feet dry and moisture-free. In addition, the nylon is antibacterial, providing extra protection to your feet against bacteria. They employ a temperature regulation technology, which keeps your feet very warm, comfortable, dry and sweat-free. Their abrasion-resistant material makes these socks extremely resilient. The moisture-wicking pattern makes sure that there is ample airflow, making them breathable. These are also anti-odor, keeping your feet from smelling even after long hours of wear.


For stability and comfort, these socks use elastic arch support and reinforced heel and toe guard, which in addition to providing cushioning, is also shock absorbent. This also greatly reduces the friction between your feet and shoes, thereby preventing scratching or blistering. They provide a very snug fit, without being extra tight.

These socks are thick so make sure that the shoes you wear with them are a bit roomy. However, these are very lightweight so bulkiness isn’t much of a problem otherwise. They also might be a little tight at the top. Conclusively, these socks are the comfort companions for heavy-duty work outdoors and for long hours.

Customer Reports

Thank you Thirty48 for making these awesome Vegan hiking socks! My friends all laughed at the term, but not breaking out into a painful and ugly rash is worth all the jokes! These socks fit perfectly, cushion my hike, stay in place, do not bunch up, and do not need to be paired with sock liners! They also launder well and dry fast! They really look like Merino wool hiking socks but have no wool in them! Yay!


I recently wore these on a 22-mile walk. They were very comfortable. I had brought an extra pair of socks as a back-up, but there was no need. I only wish that they weren’t so expensive.

5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Heavy Duty Cushioned Work Socks

Best Comfort

  • Cushioned sole
  • Keeps feet cool and dry
  • Anti bacterial
  • Lightweight
  • Take time to dry after washing
  • Might shed lint

Material: Cotton, Polyester | Features: Reinforced, Ventilation channels | Technology: N/A

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These socks by Fruit of the Loom are specifically made for heavy-duty work. Comprising mostly of cotton (76%) and Polyester (22%), these socks are great if you work long hours.

The best thing is that instead of just reinforced toes and heels, these have a reinforced sole and cushioned foot, which provides much more cushioning than other work socks, keeping your feet comfortable all day long and preventing foot fatigue. So you can stay on your feet and work longer, without having to worry about foot problems. These socks, while very lightweight and breezy, are very tough and durable. This makes them particularly suited to heavy-duty work.

These socks are also made up of an antibacterial, moisture-wicking material, so the feet remain dry, cool and safe from different kinds of infections. The ventilation channels present to ensure that there is ample air circulation throughout the day. Therefore, these socks are great for you if you work in hot/summer conditions and are prone to sweating.

On the downside, these socks take some time to dry once you’ve washed them. This means you’ll need to keep more than a couple of pairs handy. While these will last long, they might shed a few lints here and there, since they’re made of cotton. But if you’re someone who has long working hours and wants a comfortable pair of socks, these are your best option!

Customer Reports
Eric B.

I like these socks. I tried 8 different brands and styles. I like these the best. No noticeable heel markings so I don’t have to worry if they’re pulled up too far or if my shoe is too low. No seam on my toes, under my toes, in front of my toes. I feel nothing! They are soft and comfortable. They will leave some fuzzies in your toes after wearing all day, but who cares (besides my wife, she hates when they end up on the floor). I’m replacing all my aging black socks with these. Great for business/ business casual shoes for going to the office every day. I do not wear these with my suit/dress shoes.


Wow! There were socks inside! That’s crazy! It’s literally socks! Wow! If this is your first time, and you’ve been on the fence for a while over the whole ‘sock craze’ I gotta tell you, these raise the quality of life a million fold! No more cuts on the feet, no more tar stains on the soles of your feet, if you also wear shoes, these tubes of fabric keep your feet from getting blisters and calluses! Seriously, if you’re thinking about hopping on board with the sock fad, just do it!


  • What are the best socks to wear with steel toe boots?
  • How do I keep my feet from hurting in steel toe boots?
  • What are the best socks to wear if your feet sweat?
  • What is the most comfortable sock?

Take a look at these models also:

Wrangler Men's Steel Toe Boot Ultra-dri Work Crew Socks 2 Pair Pack
  • Built for steel toe boots to provide optimal comfort for all day wear
  • Midweight boot protection and support for all season wear
  • Ultra-dry technology wicks moisture to keep feet cool and dry
  • Full cushion leg and foot provides extreme comfort and impact protection
  • Reinforced heel and toe provide better fit and long lasting sock life
Carhartt Men's Big and Tall Force Performance Steel Toe Crew Socks-2 Pair, Black, Grey, White, red, Shoe Size: 11-15
  • DRIES FAST & FIGHTS ODORS: All of our Force socks are sweat-wicking with FastDry technology that quickly transports moisture away from your skin to keep feet dry and comfortable. Our socks also neutralize the toughest odors through proprietary technology because one of the worst ways to finish a long day is by taking off your shoes or boots and having to toss out your socks
  • PROTECTIVE CUSHIONING FOR DURABILITY: The double-cushioned protection shield extends from the toe to top of the foot to defend high stress points in steel toe boots. The extended, padded reinforcement guards the heel and toe in high impact areas against blister-causing friction, so you can count on these rugged styles lasting just as long as your favorite boots
  • DELIVERS A PERFORMANCE FIT: The engineered arch support provides targeted protection to keep you stable and still allow full range of motion. These rugged socks have an optimal amount of stretch that holds the sock securely in place all day, so you get a comfortable fit from sunup to sundown
  • MESH CHANNELS FOR BREATHABILITY: Ventilated mesh in the fabric in these work socks for men enhances air flow to keep feet cool for breathable comfort, even when wearing boots in the summer, so that you can face whatever is in front of you
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP LEGENDARY PRODUCTS: Since 1889, Carhartt has manufactured premium workwear known for exceptional durability, comfort, and quality that you can feel in the materials and see in the performance. Just as our founder, Hamilton Carhartt, began four generations ago, Carhartt will continue to manufacture the most rugged and durable clothing and footwear for generations to come.
GOLDTOE Men's Ultra Tec Performance Over-The-Calf Athletic Socks, Multipairs, White (3-Pairs), X-Large
  • Fits shoe sizes: 12-16
  • Athletic performance with soft combed cotton and Ultra Spun polyester fibers for moisture control
  • Over The Calf fit
  • Keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Comfort cushion foot bottom
JOURNOW 10 Pairs Men's Cotton Extra Heavy Cushion Crew Socks
  • Heavy cushion keeps feet comfortable and relaxed all day
  • Cushioned crew socks with ribbed leg and stitch by stitch toe closing
  • Reinforced heel and toe for enhanced durability, suitable for working, sports, outdoor, workout
  • Machine wash cold inside out. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not dry clean
Men's Breathable Hiking Work Boot Socks w/Anti-Stress Moisture Wicking Germanium & Coolmax Fiber Lite-Compression 1/2 pr (Medium-Large, 1 Brown + 1 Blue)
  • 【INNOVATIVE FIBER & CONTEMPORARY DESIGN】 Adds a touch of style and extra support to traditional socks with Germanium semiconductor infused yarn & ultra-breathable Coolmax fabrics. These brilliant & cushy socks are perfect gifts to entertain yourself, family and friends with all-day protection for most outdoor activities for US shoe size from 7.5-9.5(Medium-Large)to 10-12(X-Large)to 12.5-14.5(XX-Large).
  • 【ENJOY UNIQUE COMFORT & MOBILITY】 42% Polyester(Germanium Infused), 30% Coolmax Fabric with All Season Technology(50% cotton - 50% polyester), 22% Nylon, 6% Elastane. The material science nature of Germanium particals inside the fiber automatically transform your foot heat to massage by releasing far infrared ray to provide all day support for tired, sore, wet, poor circulation feet.
  • 【LONG-LASTING REFRESHING & SWEAT WICKING】 The Germanium infused fiber releases a certain amount of negative ions upon wearing, and it helps to maintain a refreshing dry and warm foot environment throughout the day.
  • 【MORE POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS】 These ergonomically constructed 3D multi-cushion socks (see feature illustration depicts on the left/above) are perfect for everyone including elite athletes with most outdoor hiking, trekking, climbing, camping, trail running activities. The innovative functional fiber also helps with blood circulation and oxygen supply on your feet to combat fatigue & recover faster.
  • 【YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR MISSION】 We are the manufacturer, and we take full responsibility for the quality of our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us by any means, and you will receive a courteous and prompt refund or replacement within 24 hours. Thank you!

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