Best 5 Rainbow Sandals 2024: The Definitive Picks For Women

In 1972, Jay Sparky Longley started a one-man operating workshop out of his garage located in Laguna Beach specially to make “the world’s best sandal”. In a while these rainbow sandals really proved to be the world’s best sandals specially for the summertime.

These sandals are carefully manufactured and crafted by hand so that they can feature exceptional detailing with a blend of quality materials, that you won’t find anywhere else. Rainbow sandals are a must while traveling to water-friendly areas or trips as they are super durable and strong. The exceptional comfort of these sandals is ensured by including individual densities of a special type of sponge rubber in the insole. These sandals take time to stretch as they have a nylon web which is highly durable.


Moreover, these sandals are a must if you have wide toes, as they feature a box-x stitch which helps in holding the toes firmly in place. The rainbow sandals care for the environment as well, as it manufactured an eco-friendly glue which is used in the sandals.

You don’t need to worry about finding your best summer bliss from the wide range of rainbow sandals, as we have made a list of the 5 best rainbow sandals just for you.

1. Women's Single Layer Premier Leather Sandal

Best Choice

  • Provides arch support
  • Premium leather
  • Provides an exceptional durability
  • Straps aren't flexible or stretchable

Origin: N/A | Sole: non-slip sole | Material: Top grain leather | Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches | Package Weight: 1 Pounds

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The first pair on our list from the rainbow sandals is its women’s single layer premier leather sandal. This sandal is called premier because it features 100% genuine and premium top grain leather. These sandals are available in a wide and rich range of colors which are absolutely perfect to satisfy the choice of every woman out there.

These premium sandals feature a single-layered midsole, which provides various benefits, including an enhanced arch support and comfort.  Not only this but the whole sandal is glue over three times with the rainbow sandals’ Eco-friendly glue, which adds to the durability of these sandals.

Also, the durability of these sandals is ensured by the double-stitch they feature. These sandals are available in two variations, narrow and wide straps, I would recommend you to choose according to your toe shape and not to worry at all as Rainbow Sandals include a box X stitch to secure the toe piece firmly. Moving towards the straps of these sandals, I was absolutely amazed to know that they are lined with a 2000 lb tested nylon. Moreover, they include a non-slip sole which makes these sandals water-friendly.


On the downside, I found the straps of these sandals quite hard to stretch as they aren’t flexible at all. So, if you buy a wrong variation and think of stretching it out, unfortunately, its not going to work.

All in all, these sandals offer a great combination of durability, comfort and arch support. If you love to spend your free days near the beach or at the pool side just like me then these sandals are what you need as they provide maximum durability.

2. Women’s Flirty Braidy

Best Trendy

  • Provides a trendy look
  • Durable
  • Available in two variations of leather
  • Don’t provide arch support to high arched feet

Sole: Synthetic sole | Material: Nubuck and Classic Leather | Package Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 10 inches | Package weight: 2 Pounds

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The second pair of sandals from our favorite Rainbow Sandals are Women’s Flirty Braidy. It is a single layered sandal with a very feminine twist- Braided straps! Yes, that’s right. If you are looking for the comfort and durability of the sandals with a very subtle fashionable and trendy look, then these sandals got you covered.

Flirty Braidy are manufactured with a single layer of mid-sole which provides an adequate arch support for the women with low arches or flat feet.  Moreover, these sandals are available in two variations in terms of the leather, that are nubuck leather or classic leather. In simple words, if you are a woman who prefers a pair of sandals with a nice shiny leather then you should choose classic leather and if you prefer a rough and suede like texture with no shine in your sandals then you should go for nubuck leather.

Moreover, the straps have an asymmetric design and they feature gorgeous braids on the top. The stitch on the inside of straps is done with an extreme care so that it remains durable for the longest period of time. Also, the straps feature the woven logo of Rainbow sandals.

However, the only drawback of these classic yet trendy sandals is that they don’t provide an exceptional arch support to women with high arched feet. So, if you have high arched feet then I would recommend you to go for the other sandals in the list.

3. Women's Single Layer Premier Leather Narrow Strap

Best Convenient

  • Provides a chic look
  • Easy to slip-on and off
  • Thin straps are great for being in the sun
  • Don’t provide enough support to wide feet

Sole: Synthetic sole | Material: Nubuck Leather | Package Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 10 inches | Package weight: 0.48 Ounces

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The third pair of sandals is a really simple yet classic pair from the Rainbow Sandals. These sandals are manufactured using nubuck leather which gives a very casual and rough touch to them. These narrow strap sandals ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort just for style.

These sandals feature narrow straps which makes it super easy to wear them in one go. Also, if you get time lines very quickly in the sun and you don’t like broad tan lines on your feet, then narrow straps will serve as the ultimate solution.

Moreover, the straps are lined with nylon which ensures that the straps don’t cut in to your feet and also it makes them durable and strong. Rainbow Sandals has also included its Box X toe construction which helps to keep your toes firmly in place. They also provide you with enough arch support.

However, if you are habitual to the support, thick strap rainbow sandals provide you then unfortunately, these sandals will not be convenient for you. People who are comfortable with the thick strap sandals may not feel comfortable with the narrow straps. On the other hand, if you have narrow feet then this might not be the problem for you as narrow straps work great for women with narrow feet.

Decisively, I loved these narrow strap sandals, as they provided me with an exceptional convenience specially when it comes to slip them on.  Also, the rough look of the nu buck leather is a plus point.

4. Women's Single layer Swarovski Crystal

Best Fancy

  • Includes original Swarovski crystals
  • Durable
  • Easy to slip-on and off
  • Expensive

Sole: Non-slip rubber sole | Material: Premium Leather | Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 7 x 2 inches | Package weight: 1 Pounds

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The fourth pair of sandals in this list is the fanciest of them all. It is called Single layer Swarovski Crystal Rainbow sandals. These sandals have the qualities of the famous single layered narrow strap sandals. The special thing about these sandals is that the narrow straps are embedded with genuine Swarovski Crystals.


While ordering the crystal, I sticked to my usual size as the manufacturer mentioned that these sandals are available in the true sizes and I was glad to do so as they fit me perfectly.  These sandals are manufactured with premium leather. These are the only sandals which are also available in white color.  I was absolutely delighted to wear these comfortable sandals which gave me the perfect blend of bling which was enough for turning the heads.

The best part about these sandals is the durability, the stones don’t come off no matter how much you wear them and make them wet. All the parts of these sandals are glued three times. Moreover, these sandals provide arch support which doesn’t let my feet get tired even after long hours of wearing them. The toe area includes the signature Box X construction which provides a relief to me toes.

On the downside, these sandals are a bit expensive as compared to the other Rainbow Sandals, but that’s just because of the original Swarovski crystals.

All in all, Single layer Swarovski Crystal Sandals provide me with the bling along with the comfort and the expensive pricing is also not a big deal because Rainbow Sandals balances this price by providing the durability factor in these sandals. To be honest, 4-5 years of regularly wearing these sandals, justifies the price.

5. Women's Double Layer Premier Leather

Best Support

  • Provides enhanced arch support
  • Pin line for extra comfort
  • Wide straps provide a sense of security
  • Arch support not suitable for low arched feet or flat feet

Sole: Non-slip rubber sole | Material: Premium Leather | Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 7 x 1.6 inches | Package weight: 11.22 Ounces

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Women’s Double Layer Premier Leather Sandals make it to the 5th position in the list. These sandals are my personal favorite sandals from the Rainbow Sandals as they provide me with an exceptional support and comfort like no other sandal in the list. The best thing about these sandals is that Rainbow Sandals gives a lifetime warranty on them so you don’t need to worry about anything related to these sandals.

This sandal features a double layered midsole which is glued over three times for an exceptional durability. This double layered midsole provides exceptional arch support, even for high arched feet. The toe area is constructed with the Box X construction technology which helps to keep the toes in place. The sponge rubber, which is present in almost every Rainbow Sandal, provides an exceptional comfort by breaking down up to 10% under your feet pressure so that it can mold according to your feet.

Moreover, the wide straps, provide an absolutely amazing support and a sense of security. My steps are firmer when I am wearing these sandals.  Also, it features a pin line which runs half of the sandal, from the heel area to the arch area, this pin line ensures your comfort and support. Furthermore, the whole sandal is stitched with the 2000 lb tested nylon, for exceptional durability.

However, the only drawback of these sandals is that they provide too much arch support for feet with low arches and flat feet. So, if you have flat feet or have low arches, I would recommend not to go for these sandals as too much arch support will be quite uncomfortable or in rare extreme cases might get quite painful for you.

All in all, these Double layered wide strap sandals provide comfort and support like no other sandals. Also, they are great for women with high arched feet. The best part is that the price in which they are available is also incredible.

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