5 Best USA Dropshipping Suppliers For Amazon

Selling products on Amazon through dropshipping vendors can be a great solution for anyone looking to make a living online. Today, this American giant has become one of the best global e-marketplaces. The amount of traffic that is generated through Amazon every day – has led many companies to deal with dropshipping products from them. On the other hand, it makes it much easier for customers – because when suppliers are close to you – the ordered goods will arrive faster. If you are interested in this topic and want to know which are the 5 best USA dropshipping suppliers for Amazon – keep reading.

Why Suppliers Opt For Amazon – Benefits

We will first explain the main advantages of Amazon compared to other e-markets – as well as what its advantage is. Nearly half of all products purchased online in the USA are purchased on Amazon. The other half is made up of all the other sites together with eBay, Walmart, Jet, etc. Amazon has close to 80 million Prime subscribers – that is, almost every household in the USA pays a subscription so that the delivery of products purchased on Amazon will be within 24-48 hours. Sales and deliveries are made according to the so-called FBA principle.

So, there is no packaging, daily walks to the post office and the like – but the goods are delivered to the customer. Therefore, the popularity of Amazon is not surprising – as well as the fact that many have decided to become suppliers for Amazon.

Which US Amazon Suppliers Are Among The Best?

Since more than half of Americans are subscribed to Amazon – this platform benefits greatly from working with suppliers in the United States. The benefit is not only on the side of the retailers but also on the side of the customers – because the desired items arrive quickly. Although there are a large number of dropshipping suppliers – this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make a selection between the good and the best. You may browse dropshipping suppliers the USA for Amazon, or you may also check this website – to find one that is reliable and with good reviews. However, we have selected for you 5 best US suppliers in our opinion.

1. Fashion Stories (jewelry)

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Jewelry is an essential part of every clothing combination, so look for unique pieces on your favorite shopping site. Fashion Stories, based in New York, produces accessories such as chains, rings, bracelets, etc. When you search for dropshipping services through them, you don’t have to have the minimum order requirements on most other sites. They do not have hidden or additional payments other than the price of the product and payment for delivery.

2. I&I Sports Supply Company (equipment for sports activities)

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Poor quality paintball equipment is the biggest problem when playing –  especially poor masks. Uncomfortable masks that fog every 5 minutes, can completely ruin the top entertainment provided by playing paintball. So choose a good supplier for this sports equipment. I&I SSC is the US supplier of paintball equipment, but also equipment used in martial arts, etc. They are reliable and they also provide blind delivery services in case you have a website or web-store.

3. FootwearUS (It’s about shoes, ain’t it so logical?!)

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Do you know any woman who isn’t just crazy about shoes? Of course, today you can choose from a wide variety of models – from simple to extravagant, one-color, or completely crazy colorful. If you’re into shoes, then this is the right place for you. This supplier is also a manufacturer as well as a wholesaler with almost four decades of experience. Give your feet an unforgettable experience with quality shoes that you will buy at wholesale prices.

4. Buy 2 Bee (clothing)

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Buy 2 Bee has an extremely rich catalog of clothes for women, men, and children. Update your clothing combinations with items from collections like Hugo Boss or Ugg. If you use the Shopify app or own your API – you can connect drop shipping services to your store and images and product info will be automatically synced and updated. Although the products themselves most often come from bases in Milan or LA – you can easily return them to any warehouse in the US base.

5. iFuncity (photo-equipment, etc.)

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This supplier has loyal buyers in so many countries. With the blind drop shipping program – you will also have customer support completely free. What you buy the most from them are various electronics, photographic equipment, or video games that you can buy on request. What is especially commendable is that the data feed for products they sell is updated daily.

What Else Do We Need To Know?

One product can be offered by several sellers

When you look at a particular product, you can see a list of sellers who sell that product and make the decision that is most convenient for you and whose delivery is the fastest

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A great tool for customers where you can see how the prices of individual products have moved in the past and draw conclusions about whether it pays to wait for this product at a discount or buy now. It also informs you about the biggest discounts on Amazon during the day and week.

How To Find The Best Prices?

In most cases, sellers will determine the price. However, there are exceptions when Amazon determines the price. It’s called Amazon Vendor Central – and it’s a model similar to traditional retail, where the seller enters into a licensing agreement with the company that they control the product sale. Unlike that – the second model is when sellers only use Amazon’s platform – but do not sign a distribution agreement with Amazon. End users will see the price tag – but they will not be able to see for which products vendors have set a price and for which Amazon did it.

Read Reviews

When buying products online, it is very important to find out as much as possible about that product and the seller. One of the great benefits of buying online, but mostly Amazon – is that you can read reviews and see photos of many customers who have already purchased that product.


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