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How Effective is Hypnotherapy for Depression and Anxiety? – 2024 Guide

We have all seen movies where hypnotists do their magic on people, swing their pocket watch and snap fingers after which the one being hypnotized starts sleeping, quacking like a duck or barking like a dog. Thanks to those ridiculous scenes we have all considered hypnosis to be some kind of a joke. But is it?

There is plenty of scientific evidence that states that being hypnotized are possible and that it can cause some real changes in your brain. Thanks to that is it used as a therapy for a very long time and it was used on people that have physical or mental conditions that need treatment. Nowadays clinical psychologists think that hypnosis just seems like a state of drowsiness while it is a focused psychological state that is a lot closer to meditation.

Clinical hypnosis is pretty simple and it is all about focus which takes place in a dimly lit and quiet room with sometimes soft music playing in the background. This is all to remove all distractions from the subject and lead him/her into that focused psychological state.

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There are a lot of combinations of this hypnotherapy nowadays you can cure with it almost everything from weight, anxiety and stress, smoking and drinking to money problems. If you don’t believe us check out Cindy Galvin and see what she is all about.

Now let’s see if it and just how effective is hypnotherapy on depression and anxiety?!

Now, there is something you need to understand first. We all have those basic fears and the responses to them, you heard of it – it’s the fight or flight instincts. These are all tied to our survival and everything else is learned along the way. There is something unfortunate and it is the fact that it’s easier for the negative to leave a mark on our minds than the positives around us. This is why we have issues with anxiety and depression which are considered to be our response to the fight or flight instinct.

Since we established that anxiety and depression are part of us and part of our response system it is better to start thinking about it as a normal thing that is a part of you. The fact is that most of us are suffering from depression and anxiety and what we almost always do is visit the doctor and hope for some sort of saving medication. You will be provided with some definitely but you have to know that the medications only keep things in check and they are not and have never been a remedy for those.

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Hypnosis is what has so far been an answer and a very successful one. A specialist will guide you into a hypnotic trans and try to find an answer to what aches you. Anxiety and stress can come in different forms and they all tie down to whether they are current ones or some residue ones from before. All of us have coping mechanisms that are supposed to fight these and when you acknowledge that you have these problems it means that those mechanisms aren’t working anymore and that you have to find new modern-day coping strategies. It like an update of your old programs if you like.

So why is hypnosis so effective. Well, the simple answer is that hypnosis is not a therapy but rather a state of mind and body in which learning occurs and it occurs faster and more thoroughly than it would without it. It is a channel through which the therapy can travel, and it is a delivery system that makes therapy a lot more powerfully and effectively. This is exactly why hypnotherapy is so successful with depression and anxiety.

If you are in one of those states it means that your brain and your body are fighting with something, or even against something. It can be something new or a problem that occurred a long time ago and it resurfaced or became uncontrollable for any reason possible. Hypnotherapy will soothe your body and brain, relax it to the point it will not deal with fears or depressions and allow for reprogramming to take effect. There will be no locking out mechanisms and you will feel improvements after the very first therapy.

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So, with everything said hypnotherapy is a key for your subconscious that is holding you back from overcoming your problems. What is important to note is that is a normal thing and your subconscious and your life programing are there to keep you safe and alive. Sometimes it is good for us sometimes can be very destructive.

Coping mechanisms are there for a purpose and they are supposed to override your fears and primal instincts, but overtime coping mechanisms tend to wear off and you get problems like the ones we are discussing.

Hypnotherapy is the thing that is certainly going to remedy these problems because it is targeting those problems on a much deeper level than any doctor, psychiatrist or even a prescription drug ever will. As we previously mentioned drugs are there to aid a bit and keep things in their perspective and check. But since our body and mind is a program to adapt to anything the medication is never fully successful. It usually becomes counterproductive because you constantly have to increase dosages to fight the body’s adapting mechanism.

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Hypnotherapy is something that can easily overcome this and fight the problem in a more natural and less invasive way. You do not attack mind and body you find a way to communicate with them, find that closed door or a barrier that is stopping your normal functions and remedy it. Thanks to this, patients are reporting constant improvements in both mental and physical state which is another testament that this works.

If we can look beyond those movie scenes where hypnotists look like clowns waving hands and running around someone with a big watch trying to send them to sleep just to make them bark afterward, we believe that you will see hypnotherapy for what it is – a problem solver instead of a cheap circus act.

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