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How do you Dye Shoes with Spray Paints: Enjoy the New Look!

Have you ever gotten bored by the default look of your shoes? Have you ever thought of some ways to change their look without having to spend a great amount of money? Are you that much comfortable with your shoes that you do not want to replace them but still want a modified look? Well, if the answer to all of these questions is a yes, then there is a good news for you. You can dye your shoes very easily with the help of spray paints.

Yes, you heard it right. You can change the entire look of your old shoes just within a matter of a few hours. And that too very cheaply. Since the idea of dying the shoes with spray paints might be unfamiliar for most of the people, that is why, in this article, we will share with you the complete way of dying your shoes with the spray paints. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

In order to dye your shoes with the help of spray paints, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Prepare your Shoes


The first thing that you need to do is to prepare your shoes for the spray paint so that they do not cause any hindrance in this task. For doing that, you need to take a cotton ball or a cotton cloth and with the help of this, apply a deglazer on your shoes for removing any dust particles present on the surface of your shoes. Moreover, doing this will also cause any additional layer of coating on your shoes to wipe off that might cause a difficulty for the spray paints to stick on your shoes.

2. Stuff your Shoes


Now stuff your shoes with crumpled news papers or tissue papers. This is done to ensure that your shoes retain their original shape during the whole process. Also, the spray paint will not be able to seep through the surface of your shoes rather any excess spray paint will be easily absorbed by the stuffing material. Moreover, this will also prevent your shoe insoles from getting stained by the spray paints.



3. Make use of Tape


You might not want to dye your shoes entirely rather you might be planning to make a nice pattern by dying some of the areas while leaving the rest as it is. For that, you can make use of masking tape and cover all those areas that you do not want to be painted with the help of this tape. This will allow you to dye only the specific desired portions of your shoes with spray paints.


4. Apply the Spray Paint

By now, your shoes are all set to be dyed by spray paints. Now take the desired colored spray paint. Make sure to get a good quality spray paint so that you do not destroy the texture of your shoes. In case you are looking for some good quality spray paints, you can take a look on our article on the Best Spray Paints for Shoes. Shake it well. Remove the cap and start spraying it all over your shoes while keeping the spray bottle a few inches away from your shoes. Apply a nice coating of this spray paint to your shoes.

5. Let your Shoes to Dry


Now let your shoes to dry for an hour or so in air. In order to make this process fast, you can take help of a hair dryer.


6. Apply Additional Coats of Spray


Once your shoes have dried up for an hour, apply another coat of the spray paint if needed to make your shoes look all the more finer. After that, let your shoes to dry up for another hour. You can repeat the same process for a third time too to get an even better finish.


7. Remove the Tape from Shoes


Now remove the masking tape that you have applied on your shoes to prevent any specific areas of your shoes from being dyed by the spray paints. After removing the tape, let your shoes to dry in the air for at 24 least hours.

8. Spray an Acrylic Sealer


Apply an acrylic sealer to your shoes to give them a nice shine. This is done to give your shoes a professional finishing. Moreover, this step is done after removing the masking tape, therefore, it will also make the dyed areas of your shoes and the areas that you did not dye to look alike and even more smoother. After doing this, let your shoes to dry for another 24 before your shoes are all set to be worn.




In this way, you can easily make use of your favorite colored spray paints to dye your shoes and customize their look right according to your choice. The only thing that you need to take care of after doing this process is that you have to prevent your shoes from water. Because if your shoes do come in contact with water, the spray paint might wash away with it. Rest, everything is fine and you can conveniently follow this procedure to get your shoes dyed just within a matter of a few hours and that too very cheaply.

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