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How to Blouse Boots: 5 Useful Methods!


To blouse boots means wrap up men trousers or women pants in a balloon shape around legs. It is mostly required when you go on hiking, hunting or especially if you are doing military practices. In armed forces it is the part of dress code as well. This sort of blousing not only gives you a stylish look on your adventurous journey but also keeps debris or dust away from your shoes and saves you from cold air and insects as well.

A big challenge during blousing the boots is to keep the trousers in place and take care of blood circulation into your ankles. Now, the question arises. How to blouse boots?

Let’s have some useful tips and methods to blouse your boots while going on hiking, hunting or doing your military practices.

Method 1: Tucking the Trousers into Boots

Pros: This is the least time taking method and useful when you are in a hurry.

Cons: You will not be comfortable during the whole day long activities as you have to put the trousers inside your boots again and again.

Step 1: Put on your trousers and combat boots. Do not tie your boots.

Step 2: Tuck the bottoms of trousers’ legs into your boots. Then tie your boots. For firmly tying your boots to avoid the hassle of putting in the trousers again and again, check out some of the top laces in our article on the best boot laces recommended for 2024.

Step 3: Pull down the excess fabric of your trousers over the top of your boots while standing straight. Bottom of your trousers will be tucked into your tied boots.


Method 2: Use Elastic Bands

Pros: This method is better than the first one as the use of elastic band inside your pants will keep the pants in place. It is very common among service men who wear trousers and women who wear pants. Also, it’s good to keep cold air and debris or insects away from your legs or calf.

Cons: The only drawback is that the longer use can make you uncomfortable and lessen blood circulation around legs.

Step 1: Put on your pants and tie an elastic boot blouser over each foot and onto your lower calves before wearing boots.

Step 2: Then wear on your boots and tie them as usual.

Step 3: Tuck the end of your pants within the elastic band by pulling the ankle of one pant leg up until it is on your calf, above the top of your boot. Pull the excess material down for a ballooned look. Repeat the process on the other side.

Pro Tip: Slide the band around the bottom of the pant leg so that it grips together your calf and the pant leg.

Step 4: Lastly, put on your boot.


Method 3: Use BTU or Battle Dress Uniform Pants

Battle dress uniform BTU pants are made with blousing in mind. You can search them easily from any army supplies stores or you can purchase them online as well.

Pros: These pants are durable and specially designed for outdoor activities. Moreover, these pants have two layers of fabric at the end. You need a pair of thick socks to wear with these pants.

Step 1: Put on your BDU pants and socks. Don’t wear your shoes.

Step 2: Tie blousing straps around the ankles. Be careful for not having too much tight on your legs and calf.

Step 3: Put on your combat boots to look even more smarter. Then arrange the outer layer of your pants over the collar of the boots.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that you can tuck the outside layer of your pants inside the collar of the boots.

Method 4: Use Blouse Straps

Pros: You will get more nicer and cleaner look by blousing strap inside your pants. It is also very comfortable and less likely to move your pants out of the blouse straps. Not only this, it is also perfect for keeping away cold breeze, debris and insects from your boots and pants.

Cons: This method is a little bit harder.

Step 1: Put on your boots, pants and socks. Then pull your pants down to the boots.

Step 2: Tie blouse strap around your leg over the pants and pull up your pants back.

Step 3: Adjust the length of your pants by pulling it down around the corner of the boots. From here, you will notice that the end of your pants has a balloon look.

Method 5: Use Draw-String with Ankle Cuffs

This is the last method and the most comfortable one. You can purchase ankle cuff from any store having gym related items.

Step 1: Put on your pants and boots. Do not tuck your pants into your boots.

Step 2: Pull the draw-strings to tighten the ankle cuffs by grasping the two ends of the drawstring at the ankle cuff. Tie them above the top rim of your boot.

Step 3: Pull the excess material of your pant leg down to cover the drawstring. Leave the tie above the  boots for giving a ballooned look.

Pro Tip: Sit down on a chair or a bed to have a nice balloon shape.



You must try the above mentioned methods at least whenever you are going for outdoor activities. These are very beneficial to keep cold air, debris and insects away from your legs and calf.

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