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How to Avoid Smelly Work Boots?

Work boots are considered as an important part of your daily work routine. People wear them from 9 to 5 in their offices and this is exactly why they pay so much attention to buying good quality work boots. After all, it is a long-lasting investment and you do not get to change your work boots daily. Therefore, you should make the right choice at once.

However, at times it happens that even after investing a handsome amount of time and money on your work boots, you seem to be a little dissatisfied. The reason behind that is your work boots start giving an unpleasant odor right after using them for some time. Therefore, in this article, we will try to inspect the reason behind your stinking work boots and will also learn some tips to prevent this from happening.

Why do Work Boots Stink?

Sweating is the main reason behind the irritating smell of work boots. Actually, whenever you wear your work boots for a longer time, your feet sweat and the interior of the work boots are most likely to absorb that sweat. This causes bacteria and fungus to grow within your work boots hence giving off an extremely unpleasant odor. Moreover, the lack of proper ventilation in the work boots also adds more to this stink. Apart from this, wearing cotton socks can also be a reason for smelly work boots because cotton socks also absorb sweat hence helping in the growth of bad odor bacteria.

Remedies against Smelly Work boots

In order to prevent your work boots from stinking, you can follow the tips mentioned below:


  • Use an Open Rack for Placing your Work Boots

After taking off your work boots, keep them in a properly ventilated shelf in order to allow the air to pass through them. In this way, the air will take all the bad odor away with it.



  • Prefer to Wear Good Quality Work Socks

Avoid wearing cotton socks as they have the tendency to absorb more moisture. Rather prefer to wear good quality work socks to prevent the growth of harmful and smelly bacteria within your work boots. Moreover, also keep changing your socks regularly. In case you are looking for some good work socks, then check out our article on the Best 5 Work Socks.


  • Dry up your Feet Completely

Before putting on your work boots, make sure that your feet are perfectly dried up as you do not want your work boots to soak the moisture from your feet




  • Use Electric Boot Dryer for Drying up your Boots

Electric boot dryers are also easily available that you can use to dry away all the excessive moisture in your work boots that causes them to stink.




  • Make use of Charcoal Bags to Absorb the Pungent Smell

You can also put in charcoal bags within your work boots. They have the capability to absorb all the unpleasant odor hence leaving your work boots clean and fresh once again




  • Try using some Antibacterial Foot Scrub

You should use some antibacterial foot scrub for cleaning your feet before putting on your work boots.





  • Make use of Baking Soda to Get Rid of the Unpleasant Odor

Then there come some quick home remedies that can help you in doing away with the unpleasant odor of your work boots. You can sprinkle some baking soda in your work boots and then leave them like that overnight. In the morning when you want to wear your work boots, just turn them upside down to get rid of the baking soda. And your work boots are all set to be worn as the baking soda has already taken the bad odor away with it.



  • Try out some Salt as a Natural Deodorizer

You can repeat the same step mentioned above simply by replacing baking soda with salt as salt is also considered as a natural deodorizer



  • Use a Mixture of Water and Vinegar

Last but not least, mix 1/2 part of vinegar with 1/2 part of water and spray it in your work boots. Within a matter of a few hours, this mixture will remove the unpleasant smell from your work boots and they will appear all the more nice and fresh.



With the help of all the different tips discussed above, you can not only take the bad odor away from your work boots rather you can also prevent the harmful and smelly bacteria to grow in your work boots in the first place. In this way, your work boots will always remain clean and fresh.

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