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How should Work Boots Fit Perfectly?

Some people are very much particular about the type of boots they wear. They consider multiple factors such as comfort, durability, flexibility, and price of course before making the final decision. It is necessary to go through this drill because boots are not something that you get to buy daily. Work boots are no exception. In fact, you need to invest in more time before choosing your work boots than any other type of boots. The reason behind this is that work boots are the boots that you are supposed to wear for a long time while you are at your workplace.

Therefore, your work boots should be comfortable enough that you do not keep stumbling while walking or you do not experience swollen feet. The most important factor of comfort is the fitting of your boot i.e. how perfectly it fits your feet while giving you the best possible experience. In this article, we are going to present various tips with the help of which you can ensure a perfect fitting of your work boots.

For making the work boots fit perfectly, you can take the following measures:

1. Look for the Work Boots with a Reasonable Breathing Room

Perfect fitting does not necessarily mean having a tightly fitted work boot. Rather a tight-fitting work boot can add more to the level of your discomfort. Therefore, before choosing any work boot, make sure that the work boot you are selecting has enough room to breathe. It means that it is neither too tight nor too loose.

2. Check the Length of your Work Boots

Test the length of the work boot by moving your foot forward until your toes touch the front of the boot while your heels are touching the back of the boot. If this is the case, then your work boot is a perfect fit. Otherwise, if it is loose or feels extraordinarily tight, then it can be problematic.


3. Make Use of Proper Work Socks

You should wear proper work socks as they will add more to the level of comfort. In case you are looking for the best work socks for your work boots, then check out our detailed review.

4. Try your Work Boots on Both of your Feet

Never decide on a work boot by trying it only on one of your feet rather you should for both of your feet. Because at times, the size of both our feet differs slightly. Therefore, if a work boot is comfortable enough for your right foot, then it does not necessarily mean that it will perfectly fit your left foot as well. Therefore, try it for both of your feet. After doing that, you might end up selecting two different sizes of work boots for both your feet but that is not a big problem as long as it is providing you with comfort.


5. Look for a Comfortable Heel

You also need to ensure that the heels of your work boots are exactly meant for you i.e. they are neither too heavy or long for you to carry nor too small.


6. Walk with your Selected Work Boots for some Time

Once you have put on both the work boots for trial, walk while having them on to be sure that your work boots will not bother you while you will be putting them on from 9 to 5.

7. Watch out if your Work Boots have Caused your Feet to Swell up

After walking with your work boots, take out your feet and notice if there are any signs of swelling or blisters. If that is the case, then these work boots are not good enough for you. If not, then you have found the work boots that perfectly fit your feet.


By carefully noting down all the different factors discussed in this article, you will definitely be able to get your work boots fitted properly. Hence you will conveniently be able to wear them at your work place without getting worried about anything.

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