Do More Than Just Time-Telling With the Suunto Watches

Most people have climbed the highest peaks and sailed the depths of oceans over the years. They have proven that boundaries can be broken down when it comes to being an adventurer, and other fearful ones too inspired to step out of their comfort zone. Although non-tangible things in life are essential, it is sometimes important to think about the things we desire to own.

Some things in our lives can also apply that lesson, even something as simple as watches. People always think of a watch as a portable clock. But thanks to technology, it now does more than that. One of the watch brands that applied such innovation is the Suunto Watch. If you are curious to know more about this watch brand, continue reading the article below or you can also visit for more details.

Get to Know the Suunto Watch Brand


Switzerland may be the home of multiple successful watch brands. But other watchmakers in different countries can step up too and the Suunto watch brand can prove it. This Finnish watch company focuses on creating pieces with innovative technology. Such as sports watches, compasses, and diving devices. No wonder they also rose to fame and made a household name for themselves. Every piece is sold in over 100 countries, and adventures and sports enthusiasts seem to enjoy owning a Suunto Watch.

The word Suunta translates to direction in the Finnish language. Their relevance and growing popularity has encouraged people to step outside their comfort zones, try new things, and splurge something expensive for once

4 Amazing Features That The Suunto Watch Possesses

1. Ensure That You Get Adequate Sleeping Hours With The Sleep Tracker


With these watches, you can expand your daily routine capabilities. In addition, it gives a lot of features and qualities that can’t be found on other watch manufacturers today. This article will provide you with more knowledge about Suunto watches. Also, what people can know if it is ideal to buy and an excellent investment for you.

Using your Suunto at bedtime with sleep tracking activated measures how long you sleep and how beneficial it is, assisting you in maintaining a healthy sleep pattern.

Setting a sleep goal and a bedtime reminder will aid in the development of healthy sleeping habits with time. In addition, you’ll discover how your sleeping habits influence your body and what the optimal recipe for rest and recovery is.

2. Get All The Body Resources You Need to Have a Productive Life

Suunto tracks your activity, pressure, and recovery throughout the day. Demonstrating how sleep and exercise influence your system and assist you in sustaining a positive balance.

Enough rest is an important way to ensure your system has the supplies it requires. So when you wake up every morning, your Suunto will display the resources you earned throughout the night as well as your overall body resources.

The daily heart rate function also allows users to quickly check their present heart rate. With a daily graph illustrating how your heartbeat fluctuates when you’re working vs. when you’re relaxing.

3. Find The Right Adventure Paths With Navigation


Using Suunto’s navigation function notifications, you’ll never make a mistaken route anymore. To begin, plan your trip on your desktop or smartphone and synchronize it along with your Suunto. Then, you’ll be alerted when a turn is near so that you can concentrate on the scenery rather than your timepiece.

Plan your route, utilize tracks from several other services, or select a renowned path in the Suunto app with this option. Then, after you’ve synced the itinerary to your wristwatch, you’re ready to go.
Suunto created a new way to discover new itineraries that are simple for you by integrating them into the frequent routes section of the Suunto app. These paths are derived from Suunto user experiments.

4. GPS Mode with Battery-Save


The battery will last longer throughout your outside exercises if you choose a decent location accuracy. Plan for more extended periods or use it when your battery is running low, but you still want to proceed. The FusedTrack program is used to increase tracking accuracy.

Popular Suunto Watches

If you want to know what Suunto watch collection is ideal for you, here are three of the most popular Suunto watches that will surely take your breath away.

Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 series smartwatches and OS and applications offer an on-trend look and over 70 sports modes. As a result, a sports watch is becoming extremely prevalent among serious athletes who want to keep up with developments with each activity they engage in.

Its clear display, accurate heart rate monitor, and constructed GPS make it an excellent pick for anybody looking for a smartwatch. Overall, this watch is ideal for people who are engaged in sports activities.

Suunto Traverse Alpha

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is remarkable because it has capabilities for fishing and hunting. This smartwatch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass cover that is strong and will not allow the environment to harm the device’s internal components. It is resistant to water and also has a battery capacity of up to 100 hours.

Suunto 9 Baro

This is a multi-sport smartwatch with Location tracking and more than 80 sports settings. These characteristics make it possible for athletes and explorers to keep track of activities and ensure their safety in harsh environments.

This is among the finest Suunto timepieces for trail runners who want to climb to greater heights since it considers their altitude.


Watches are a simple accessory that anyone wears to events, work, school, and even on casual days. But it is also nice to wear them during travel and adventure. Even if you are going to wear not so fashionable clothing, wearing these accessories will still bring out your go-getter personality. Suunto Watches has proven that they adapted to today’s technology, and made use of high-quality materials to release watches to compete against the industry.

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