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Top Places to Visit during Glasgow Weekends

Traveling is always a great idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, work, startups and household chores and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of something magical. When traveling, a person always gets a magical experience from mingling with the locals, visiting off the path destinations and exploring various travel icons. A region like Glasgow is no exception, offering a wide range of incredible places to visit.

After arriving at the airport, we recommend that you use cheap car hire at Glasgow airport, thanks to which you can easily travel around this region and get unforgettable emotions from the trip. You will not have to be dependent on public transport schedules, on the contrary – you will be completely free and flexible in your movement.

City Center Mural Trail

The main calling card of Glasgow is the City Center Mural Trail. This is a whole alley, which includes more than 100 murals! All of them are unique and carry a certain meaning that not every person will be able to guess right away. The main artists and creators of these murals are Ali Wyllie and Art Pistol. It was their idea to make this city as bright and charming as possible.

In order to get from the hotel to this location, you should definitely hire a car. In this way, you will be able to allocate a few hours of your trip to drive along this avenue of murals and get unforgettable emotions.

Source: unsplash.com

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

The next must-see is the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery. This location skillfully combines history, art and science. These elements are represented as a single whole. A huge number of exhibits are concentrated here, which mainly belong to the period of Antonine Wall, Rome’s Final Frontier.

In addition, the main hall of this gallery displays various archaeological excavations, which include the skeletons of rare birds and animals. Also, next to them, you can find various paleontological finds that demonstrate a way of life that existed thousands of years ago.

If you are interested in visiting this gallery, be sure to use the car hiring in Glasgow service. In this way, you can quickly get to this location and enjoy the trip. The car rental will decrease your stress level to minimum, as you shouldn’t worry how to get to that location as soon as possible and not to skip the visiting hours.

Source: unsplash.com

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Being a 60-acre park, this place attracts not only true botanists, but also simple nature lovers. More than 1,000 exotic species of plants, trees and bushes are concentrated here. In the very heart of this place is a magical place

– Kibble Palace. Thanks to this location, the botanical garden is partially under the so-called dome. This dome is not simple: it is made of glass and crystal, creating a magical pattern.

This crystal creates a magical impression when it’s sunny outside: the sun’s rays break through the crystal dome and shine on the plants. Due to this phenomenon, plants and trees are naturally illuminated.

Source: unsplash.com

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park is the next important place to visit. It has an area of ​​more than 400 acres, which makes it one of the largest not only in Glasgow, but also in the entire United Kingdom. This park is located in the southern part of this region. This park was founded in 1830 and its peculiarity is that it is all covered with oak trees. They are everywhere here, so the impression is created, as if in a forest.

Entering this park, you have the opportunity to rent a bicycle for yourself and your family or friends and go on an off-the-main-path bicycle trip. In addition, you can also have a great picnic here by visiting the local supermarket and buying some groceries. Also, in the warm season, you can go canoeing for two here. It will be a great occasion to celebrate a wedding anniversary or a birthday. If you have children, you can go climbing with them in this park. This is a real find for those whose children never sit still. A subscription there is not so expensive, it is worth it and everyone in your family would be happy and enjoy the moment and this trip. You and your kids will bring home just huge amount of positive and bright emotions.

Source: unsplash.com

Sharmanka Kinetic Theater

Sharmanka Kinetic Theater is the next important place to visit. What is interesting and special about him? It is incredible that there are more than 130 kinetic sculptures here, which can so skillfully enchant both children and adults.

Another feature of them is that they come to life and give performances, which are attended by a large number of people every time. Usually, a large number of different performances take place on weekends, so if you come to Glasgow and want to visit one of these areas, be sure to monitor the prices and buy a ticket for the appropriate time and performance in advance.

Source: youtube.com

Glasgow City Music Tours

Glasgow City Music Tours is what millions of tourists come here for every year! It’s not for nothing that Glasgow is called the “musical city”, because every year thousands of concerts of various singers and bands are held here: The Weekend, Ariana Grande and others.

We recommend you to see in advance which artists will perform and book tickets in advance. Usually, tickets for popular performances sell out very quickly, so don’t miss this moment and check for cars for hire! So, if you are addicted from music Glasgow is the perfect match for you. It’s a small music capital for some musicians.

Source: medium.com


Arriving in Glasgow, be sure to visit all the proposed locations. We guarantee that you will get unforgettable emotions when you come to them. You can make an unforgettable trip for you and your family, full of joy, new emotions, photos and just memories.

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