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How to Dye Suede Shoes: A Quick Guide!

Suede shoes are made up of soft animal skin because of which they look very delicate. We are mostly familiar with dying the normal leather shoes. However, people mostly hesitate a lot while thinking about dying suede shoes. The reason behind that is this process is not as simple as dying the regular leather shoes. Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you the complete step by step procedure of dying your suede shoes.

In order to dye your suede shoes, you will need to perform the following steps:

Step 1.  Clean the Shoes


First of all, clean your suede shoes with a brush or a cotton cloth to remove all the loose dust and dirt. This will prevent the new paint from clogging on to your shoes.


Step 2. Remove Laces


Now remove the shoe laces if they are there because you do not want them to cause any hindrance during the dying process. If you want to dye them too, then you can paint them separately while they are removed from the suede shoes.


Step 3. Stuff the Shoes



Stuff your shoes with tissue papers or newspapers so that your shoes retain their original shape during the whole dying process. If you will not do this, the shoe might absorb some extra moisture from the paint affecting its shape.



Step 4. Get Good Quality Paints



Now your shoes are all set for dying. Get some good quality dye or paint that is especially dedicated to be used on suede shoes. In case if you are looking for some good quality picks, then take a look at our latest review on the Best Paints for Shoes.



Step 5. Paint the Shoes


Now dip a paint brush into this dye or shoe paint and start applying it on to your suede shoes in a circular motion. Keep doing this until your shoes are completely coated with this paint.


Step 6. Dry the Shoes and Apply further Coats


Let this first coat of dye to dry overnight after which you can apply additional coats of dye in the very same manner if you want a darker color.


Step 7. Buff the Shoes


Once you are satisfied with the dye of your shoes, buff your shoes well with a shoe brush. This will give the finishing touch to your shoes while making them look all the more shinier.


Step 8. Apply Waterproofing Spray



Finally, apply a good quality waterproofing spray on to your suede shoes to protect the new paint of your shoes from withering away with water.




By following the method explained above, you can easily dye your suede shoes as conveniently as you dye any other types of shoes. All you have to do is to follow all the steps correctly to get the best results out of this method. Special care is needed while applying the paint to your shoes as you do not want to make the inside of your shoes to look messy. It is also advised that try out the paint on a small portion of your shoes first to check if you really want to dye your shoes with this color. If you will follow this method carefully, you will definitely be able to make your shoes look brand new and all the more catchy.

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