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How to Break In Leather Boots Easily?

Many people are not aware of the term “breaking in boots”. Well, during the manufacturing process of boots especially leather boots, such chemicals are used that make these boots extremely stiff. Therefore, once the end product is ready, it needs some time before you are able to put it on comfortably. This duration is known as the break in time. Once that time has passed, you can conveniently wear your leather boots or in other words, you can break in your leather boots.

Now you might be wondering what happens if we do not let the break-in time to pass and immediately put on the leather boots as soon as we buy them. To be honest, doing this can cause you to experience a great level of discomfort. You may also end up getting your feet blistered. That is why, in this article, we are going to share with you some tips with the help of which you can easily break in your leather boots.

You need to take good care of the following things before you can break in your leather boots easily:


  • Check for the Fitting of your Boots

The first and foremost thing that you need to take care of is that while buying your leather boots, be sure that the boots perfectly fit your feet. This practice significantly reduces the break-in time i.e. your boots require lesser time before they are ready for you to put them on.


  • Prefer Good Quality Boot Oils

Use good quality boot oils (we recommend these) for conditioning the leather fibers. Doing this will soften the leather without damaging its quality. Rather it will add more to its durability. Moreover, boot oils will also make your leather boots waterproof and hence they will last longer than their estimated age.



  • Use Foot Tapes or Bandages to Prevent Blisters

Make use of foot tapes or bandages on areas of your leather boots that are likely to cause blisters. This will allow you to break in your boots easily without hurting your feet


  • Walk with your Boots inside your House

Before wearing your leather boots outside, try wearing them in your house and walking with them so that they are stretched enough to be worn outside for a longer time without any trouble.

  • Bend and Twist your Leather Boots to Make them more Flexible

You can also try bending and twisting your leather boots with the help of your hands to make them even more flexible. This requires some force from your side, however, if you do not want to put in this effort, then you should try out the other tips.


  • Make use of Heat to Soften the Leather

Exposing your leather boots to heat can also help to loosen the leather fibers so that you can break in them easily. Therefore, you should try blow-drying your leather boots from a safe distance so that you may not damage the leather with excessive heating.



  • Try Using a Boot Stretcher

Make use of a boot stretcher for applying inward pressure to your leather boots for making them comfortable enough to wear. The boot stretchers help in flexing your leather boots without spoiling their original shape, therefore, you should use one without any worries.


  • Use Thick Socks

You can also use some good quality thick socks while putting on your leather boots for making breathing room in them

  • Smash the Heels of your Leather Boots

The toughest part of your leather boots is its heels that make it extremely difficult for you to break in your boots. Therefore, you should try smashing the heels of your leather boots with your hands or feet. Doing this will soften this toughest part and hence it will make it easier for you to put on your leather boots.


  • Take your Leather Boots to a Cobbler

Last but not least, when everything else fails or you are still unable to break in your leather boots on your own, you should immediately rush to a cobbler. Since they are professionals and experts in doing such things, therefore, they will have numerous other ways that you cannot even think of. However, it is guaranteed that they will not return you hopeless. On the contrary, if you live in a cold area where leather boots aren’t significant. Check out our in-depth review of the best boots for snow here.


Discussed above are all the different tips that you can follow in order to break in your leather boots easily. Try following from the easiest to the hardest because you might not even have to go for the hardest way. At times, your problem can easily be solved with a little workaround. It all depends upon the toughness, rigidity, and quality of your leather boots that how much time you will actually take to break in them.

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