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How should Hiking Boots Fit: A Short Guide for Perfect Fitting!

Hiking is indeed a very interesting activity that keeps your body and mind fresh and healthy. People who are fond of this activity are very much particular about the kind of dress and boots that they wear while hiking. This is done to ensure that your outfit does not cause any hindrance while you are on a hike and you are able to hike very comfortably for as long as you want. That is exactly why we pay so much attention on getting good quality hiking boots.

However, most of the people do not have any idea about how should hiking boots fit. That is why they end up getting the hiking boots that do not provide them with a good experience. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you some tips on getting a good fit for your hiking boots.

There are multiple different things that you need to do in order to get a perfect fitting hiking boots. We will present them all in the form of different tips below:

Tip 1: Measure Both your Feet Correctly

Yes, you heard it right! You need to measure both your feet accurately before deciding the exact size of your hiking boots. It is so because some times the size of both your feet differ slightly because of which you cannot get the same-sized boots for both your feet. If you will do so, you will end up making one of your feet highly uncomfortable. Therefore, take the appropriate measurement of both your feet before getting a pair of hiking boots for yourself.


Tip 2: Wear Thick Socks before Trying your Hiking Boots


You need to wear thick socks or the ones that you are most likely to wear during your hiking trip so that the hiking boots that you get are perfectly compatible with the socks that you are going to wear. In this way, your hiking boots along with your chosen socks will fit perfectly to your feet.



Tip 3: Make Sure that your Boots Provide enough Room for your Toes to Wiggle

A perfect fitting for hiking boots does not mean that they are unreasonably tight. This will cause a whole lot of discomfort. Therefore, once you have put on your hiking boots, tie up their laces and try to wiggle your toes. If you manage to do this comfortably, then most probably you are heading on to the right direction.


Tip 4: Try your Hiking Boots on Varying Surfaces

Usually, the vendors that deal in hiking boots have some inclined surfaces in their shops so that you can try your boots while walking on those surfaces in order to get the feel of a real hike. In this way, you will better be able to decide if the hiking boots that you have selected are right for you or not. Moreover, do not rush into any decision rather take reasonable time before making this decision as you will not get to change your hiking boots too frequently.


Tip 5: Try Replacing the Default Insoles with More Comfortable Ones

Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your choice i.e. the hiking boots that you have selected for yourself are absolutely perfect. However, the insoles are a bit too uncomfortable. But this is surely not something to worry about. You can simply replace the default insoles with some newer and more comfortable insoles that perfectly match your requirements. In this way, you will be able to get perfect fitting hiking boots. For some high quality insoles that might help you in a comfortable hike, you can check out our definitive review on the best 5 insoles for standing all day.



By following all the tips mentioned above, you can easily ensure a perfect fitting of your hiking boots. Always remember that it is a must that you get a perfect fitting boot. It is an expensive investment that you do not do quite often. That is why you should invest very wisely.

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