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This wiki contains user documentation for LuxRender and a number of exporters, as well as pages intended for developers and future developers. Content can be created and edited by anybody who is registered on the LuxRender forum, including you.


how to get started

Keeping the documentation up to date takes a lot of time, so we welcome anybody who want to contribute. Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to improve sections that you find unclear yourself. Otherwise, have a look at the documentation todo page or see what kind of questions users have on the forum. Before getting started, please have a short look at the remaining paragraphs on this page.

You don't need anybody's permission to start editing, but if you have questions or would like to discuss your plans before getting started, please contact Abel on the forum or Abel or JtheNinja on IRC.


The wiki consists of one page (called the main page) that serves as an index, plus hundreds of separate pages on different topics. One of the challenges of keeping the documentation usable is not to just add information, but to add it at the most logical place and only there – if information is repeated in multiple places, it is harder to keep it updated.

The main organizing principle of the user documentation pages is a division between general documentation and exporter specific documentation. In short, the general pages describe what options and settings are available, whereas the exporter specific documentation just describe where to find those settings. Ideally those pages should link to each other, so that one can quickly jump from the general documentation to the exporter implementation.


All content on this wiki falls under the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3 or later. This license gives certain rights to the readers, such as the right to reproduce the content under certain conditions. By editing wiki, you agree that the content your create falls under this same license. Therefore, please make sure that you only add content that you have created yourself or that is licensed under the GNU FDL or CC0.

style and target audience

Ideally, text should be concise and easy to understand for both novice and experienced users. In most of the documentation, the style should be something similar to what one would find in a printed user manual. For tutorials, the style is up to the author as those documents are mostly independent of the rest of the documentation.


Just like with text, please only use images that you created yourself or that you are sure to be compatible with our wiki's license. When creating images that show the differences between various settings, please use such a format that the images can be put together in a horizontal row. That way, the pages stay compact, preventing unnecessary scrolling.