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When submitting materials to the LuxRender material database, here are some guidelines to keep in mind to make sure your material is accepted, and to help make the DB better.



Failure to follow these will almost certainly result in your material being deleted.

Give your material a good name.

Changing a material's name after the export can cause problems with the database and the various loaders in exporters, so we try to avoid it. Give your material a descriptive name. As a general rule, submissions with generic names (for example, "Material", "Default", "LuxShader", "Material.001", etc) will be deleted immediately.

Don't include textures you don't own

If the texture is not public domain or your intellectual property, don't post it.

Since we don't have a good solution in place for mentioning the licenses of images, please do not post textures that are under a free license (such as a Creative Commons license). These require attribution and may have other requirements as well, and we have no way of communicating this to end users. As a result, you would not be complying with the license.

Don't submit exporter defaults

These are generic settings, we do not need them in the database. If you want make personal lbm2 copies of the defaults in one exporter to use with another exporter, feel free, but don't submit them to the database.

Other Guidelines

These aren't required, but will be helpful in making your entry and the database itself better.

Think twice about what language your material name uses

Obviously, you might not know how to describe your material in English, and prefer your native language. Or maybe a non-English word is used for the substance your are trying to recreate. Non-English material names are ok to an extent (the admins can always copy and paste your material name into Google Translate to figure out what you wrote), but it may confuse users who do not speak your language. The main db interface uses English, as does the Lux website, so English material names are preferable.

Leave a comment on your material to describe it

This can help people browsing the database figure out what they are looking at. If you go to this page and sign in, you can even view your materials that have not made it through the approval and preview render stage. You can do this by clicking the "My Materials" button in the sidebar on the left. Leave comments on them there to help make sure it gets sorted properly when the preview finishes.