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This document documents the LuxRender interface and the various features of the program. For detailed explanations about how to access and settings, please refer to the exporter documentation. For in-depth information for developers (for example the Scene File Format), please check the developer documentation section on the main page.


LuxRender is a rendering program and not a 3d modeling application. It relies on other programs to create the scenes to render, including the setup of materials and cameras. Through the use of exporters, all relevant scene information will be written to a file in LuxRender's file format. After opening this file, the only thing LuxRender will do is render the scene.

As the available features and settings of LuxRender do not exactly match those of the programs used to create the scene that needs to be rendered, some settings need to be adjusted in the exporter. The following pages provide information about the features that LuxRender supports.