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The "old" LuxC4D Alpha2 download link and information is available here:

The New LuxC4D Exporter


The current version is 0.01. The binaries can be downloaded from here (Win32):

... and here (Mac32):


The sources can be downloaded from here: TODO

After downloading the sources, unpack it to place of your choice, as long as it's NOT in a CINEMA 4D application directory tree.

Building LuxC4D on Windows

1. Build the CINEMA 4D API library (if not done already):

  • - Go to ...\CINEMA 4D\resource\_api_lib and open the file _api.sln in Visual Studio.
  • - Build the solution for the configurations Debug and Release of the platform Win32.
  • - Close the solution again.

2. Build LuxC4D:

  • - Go into to the directory, where you unpacked the LuxC4D ZIP file and from there into ...\LuxC4D\build\vc8 and open the file LuxC4D.sln.
  • - Open the Property Manager (in the menu under "View" -> "Property Manager").
  • - In the property hierarchy, double-click on LuxC4D -> R10.5_Debug | Win32 -> PropsC4DR10.5PluginDebug (see screenshot below).
  • - In the just opened property pages dialog, select on left side Common Properties -> User Macros.
  • - Change the value of the macro C4D_ROOT to the directory of your CINEMA 4D installation. If you put in a relative path, make it relative to the solution file.
  • - Do the same for LuxC4D -> R10.5_Release | Win32 -> PropsC4DR10.5PluginRelease.
  • - Build either the release or the debug configuration. After a successful build, the plugin files are copied automatically into the CINEMA 4D plugin directory.

Vc8 c4d root cr.png

Building LuxC4D on Mac OSX