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If you need help or advice, a forum and an IRC channel are available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are listed on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


If searching the forum does not resolve your question, feel free to start a new topic. Please make sure to post clear details when you have a problem, including:

  1. the luxrender and luxblend version you used
  2. where you downloaded the versions from
  3. on what platform you work (operating system and PC specs)
  4. if possible, a screenshot showing the problem
  5. if available and not too big, the 3d model that is showing the problem

We can help you a lot faster if these details are provided.

IRC channel

Multiple active users and developers are usually online discussing LuxRender using the IRC chat system.

Feel free to join us in #luxrender on to chat about LuxRender.

IRC Programs

In order to connect to IRC you will need an IRC program, for example:

Other available programs to connect to IRC are listed at Wikipedia:List of IRC clients.

If you have the IRC protocol registered within your operating system, you can click this link to access the LuxRender channel directly: irc://