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This is a collection of pages and bits of pages that will be needed to document new features in LuxRender 0.9 (or possibly 0.8.1). The items listed here should NOT be merged/linked into the regular documentation, that is the entire reason they are here in the first place.

If you want to document some in-development addition to an existing feature (that would require changes/expansion to its docs) go ahead and make a section here and start typing. This page is mainly for documentation writers (and to some degree, people using development builds). It need not be ultra-neat or professional looking, just usable.


Links to standalone pages

Stuff to be added to existing pages

This section is for writing up new sections/additions to existing pages, for added/extended features.

New fresnel textures

These need to go here: http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/LuxRender_Textures_Fresnel Don't forget to update this section when they're merged into the main docs: http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/LuxRender_Textures#Color.2C_Float.2C_and_Fresnel_Textures

Also, mix, band, multimix, and bilerp will need "frensnel" added to their output value options: http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/LuxRender_Textures_Lux

Fresnel Color

  • Output value: fresnel


The fresnel color texture generates an IOR dataset based on an input color. The resulting dataset is designed to make a specular surface reflect the input color. This texture is primarily used to apply arbitrary colors or textures to the metal2 material. You can also use it for the volumes of glass2, but it will only give the target color for the reflection. The transmitted light will be left with the non-reflected light, essentially being the complementary color of the reflection.


  • Reflection color - The intended reflection color of the material

Fresnel Name

  • Output value: fresnel


Frensel name is a measured nk data loader. It has several built-in presets, and also includes the option to specify an nk file in the sopra or luxpop formats.


  • File - An external file containing an nk dataset. If no file is found, a preset will be used.
  • Name - the name of a preset that should be used. You only need to specify either the name or the file parameter, not both. (If you specify both, the file will be used as long as a valid file can be found)

New spectrum textures

These go here: http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/LuxRender_Textures_Spectrum

Color Depth

  • Output value: color


Color depth, also known as color at depth, is a texture designed to make setting absorption simpler. Normally, you set absorption by defining the color that will be absorbed, resulting in a color control that is essentially "backwards". This texture allows you to instead set the desired result color and how far the light should penetrate before reaching that color.


  • Transmission color - The target color of the transmitted light as it reaches the defined depth
  • Depth - The depth at which the specified transmission color is reached