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Hi Everybody

My first post here, so TIA for any feedback, and my apologies in advance if I'm making any missteps on protocol

I'm a long-time Macintosh user, teacher and graphic designer. However I'm new to Blender, and need some help translating this "help" page into a workable set of instructions that WORK FOR A MAC USER, and don't slip into "Unix" or "Windows" jargon...

An example: ".....Installing LuxRender Installing LuxRender should be rather simple: in the window that opens after double-clicking the installation package, just drag the LuxRender-folder in the diskimage-window as suggested by the arrow...."

Well, I don't get ANYTHING like this in the disk-image"LuxRender_v08-Install_OSX_universal_intel.dmg"

what I DO get is a package-install: LuxRender_v08-Install_OSX10.6_universal_intel

---showing up in the window of the mounted disk-image; also visible are three folder: Test-Files, Blender_2.5_addon, Blender_2.49_exporter

So..No arrow, no application-icon (or folder) visible to BE dragged into my Applications folder! What's the next step???--this isn't "rather simple"...

The next step WOULD be (as the instructions spell out) "....[dragging the folder into your Applications folder] ...will copy the LuxRender-Folder to your Applications-folder. Inside the LuxRender folder you will find the LuxRender (application with graphical interface) and luxconsole (terminal application).

Well, I'm not GETTING anything like that, and don't yet have such a folder called "LuxRender" ANYWHERE.... What do I do next??

Thanks! "TheMacGuy"...  :o}}