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SmallLuxGPU is a demo and proof of concept, functioning as a testbed for LuxRender development. The program is now included in LuxRays, which is being integrated in LuxRender 0.8. More technically speaking, is a hybrid CPU+GPU path tracer based on a data parallel model (i.e. thousands of paths are traced at the same time). CPU support is done via native threads while GPU is done via OpenCL. For more background information, see SLG History). For OpenCL benching there is a tool Called LuxMark that also uses SLG, for a little preview it is recommended to use this.

Right now SLG offers 4 different rendering algorithms. Like LuxRender, it is a physically based renderer.

As the program is experimental and was never intended to be a finished product you may run into problems in the beginning, in that case please refer to the forum and this Wiki.

SmallLuxGPU is for people that...

  • want to use their GPU for rendering (not just for gaming)
  • want to have fast raytracing
  • are technically minded
  • can solve middle technical problems
  • want to use freeware and/or like the concept of Open Source software
  • maybe want to program themselves(especially OpenCL)
  • like making use of OpenCL



SLG-gallery-classroom.jpg Author: losbellos SLG-gallery-kitchenwide.jpg

For more images, check the SLG Gallery page.


There are several video showing the SLG feaures:

And some more video from users:


An overview of using SLG with Blender 2.5 is available on the Blender 2.5 SLG exporter page. For more in-depth information, check the links below:

SLG Download

SLG sources are included in LuxRays repository. Binaries builds are usually posted at LuxRender GPU Acceleration Forum (note: registration required). The latest version is available in a sticky thread.

Exporter Download + installation


SLG includes a Blender 2.5 exporter developed by Alain "Chiaroscuro" Ducharme. If you prefer to use a version of Blender that has SLG already set up, please use the Graphicall Method.


The exporter for SketchUp is available here:

3DS Max

The exporter for 3DS Max is available here: