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New Features in Luxrender 1.7

Version 1.7 is currently in development.
You can find daily builds here (Note: At the moment, our build bot is not available to create the latest builds. You can currently download unofficial builds containing the new features here. Soon our build bot should be restored to working order and you will be able to get the latest official builds from the daily builds link).


Full list of changes

New Imagepipeline Plugin: Mist

Left: mist enabled, right: mist disabled

This plugin adds faked aerial perspective to the image as a post-effect. It is very fast and easy to use, but being a post-effect it does not interact with the scene in any way. If used sparingly, it can add realism to outdoor scenes with vast landscapes.
Mist color, strength, start- and enddistance can be configured.

Environment Camera

Hotel Lobby panorama luxcore.jpg

Rendering with an environment (panoramic) camera is now also supported by LuxCore


Faster Viewport Refresh

Faster viewport drawing.png

Viewport drawing is now much faster than before, allowing fluid realtime rendering even at large resolutions.

Note that this feature is currently only available in an experimental branch of LuxBlend which will be merged into the default branch at a later time.

To use this feature, you have to switch to the experimental branch "accelerate_viewport_render" manually.

Faster Particle Export

Faster particle export.png

Particle and dupli export is now a bit faster than before.
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Faster Smoke Export

Fire in glass 03 rend1 edit2.jpg

Fire/Smoke export is now much faster than before.
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Batch Import in Node Editor

Import multiple images.png

You can now import multiple images as imagemap nodes at once.
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Lightgroups in Node Materials

Node editor lightgroups.png

Node materials now support light groups.

Area Light Spread Angle

Area theta.png

Can now control how "directional" an area light is (how much light is emitted in the normal direction and how much to the sides).
This means that area and mesh lights can now function like spot lights if needed.

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New Image View Tool

Tool crop.jpg

This tool allows panning of the rendered image.