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Natural Daylight

Lampspectrum 01-01.png

Natural Daylight


Lampspectrum 02-01.png

Lampspectrum 02-02.png

Lampspectrum 02-03.png

Lampspectrum 02-04.png

Lampspectrum 02-05.png

Paraffin Candle Flame

Generic 7W Incandescent Lamp

PHILIPS Argenta 200W Incandescent Lamp

Welsbach Gas Mantle (modern, without Thorium)

Incandescent Anti-Insect Lamp

Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent

Lampspectrum 03-01.png

Lampspectrum 03-02.png

Lampspectrum 03-03.png

Lampspectrum 03-04.png

Lampspectrum 03-05.png

Lampspectrum 03-06.png

Lampspectrum 03-07.png

Lampspectrum 03-08.png

Lampspectrum 03-09.png

PHILIPS [TL-D 30W/55] Regular Daylight Fluorescent

Sylvania [F4T5 4W] Regular Warm White Florescent

OSRAM [DULUXSTAR 21 W/827] Regular Compact Triphosphor Fluorescent

Cold Cathode Warm White CFL Triphosphor Fluorescent

NARVA [COLOURLUX plus daylight 20W/860] Daylight CFL Triphosphor Fluorescent

Sylvania [GroLux] Fluorescent Aquarium/Plant Lamp

Laptop LCD Screen

PHILIPS [ActiViva] "Natural" Triphosphor Fluorescent

PHILIPS [ActiViva] "Active" Triphosphor Fluorescent

High Pressure Mercury

Lampspectrum 04-01.png

Lampspectrum 04-02.png

Lampspectrum 04-03.png

Lampspectrum 04-04.png

Lampspectrum 04-05.png

OSRAM [HQA 80W] Clear HPM Lamp

PHILIPS [HPL 125W] HPTM Lamp with improved color

OSRAM [HQL 80W] HPM Lamp with improved warm deluxe color

PHILIPS [ML 160W] Self-Ballasted HPM Vapor Lamp

NARVA [160W] Self-ballasted HPM Vapor Lamp

Low/High Pressure Sodium

Lampspectrum 05-01.png

Lampspectrum 05-02.png

Lampspectrum 05-03.png

Lampspectrum 05-04.png

Lampspectrum 05-05.png

Lampspectrum 05-06.png

Regular High Pressure Sodium Lamp, warmup after 5-7 sec

Regular High Pressure Sodium Lamp, warmup after 10-12 sec

SOX Low Pressure Sodium Discharge Lamp

Medium Pressure Sodium Discharge Lamp, warmup after ~35 sec

GE [Lucalox 35W] High Pressure Sodium Lamp

PHILIPS [SDW-T 100W] Super High Pressure White Sodium Lamp

Metal Halide

Lampspectrum 06-01.png

Lampspectrum 06-02.png

Lampspectrum 06-03.png

Lampspectrum 06-04.png

Lampspectrum 06-05.png

Lampspectrum 06-06.png

Lampspectrum 06-07.png

Lampspectrum 06-08.png

Lampspectrum 06-09.png

PHILIPS [HPI-T 400W] MH Lamp with Mercury, Sodium, Thallium and Indium iodides

OSRAM [HQI-TS 75W/WDL] Metal Halide lamp with Mercury, sodium, Thallium, Indium and tin Iodides

GE [MVR325IUWM 325 Watt I-Line Mulit-VaporA Metal Hailde - Clear Watt Misera] MH Lamp with Mercury, Sodium and Scandium Iodides

OSRAM [HQI-T 400W/D] MH Lamp with Mercury, Thallium, Dysprosium, Holmium, Thulium and Caesium Iodides

PHILIPS Diazo MH Lamp with Mercury, Iron and Cobalt Iodides

Sylvania Diazo MH Lamp with Mercury, Gallium and Lead Iodides

OSRAM [HQI-T 400W/Blau] Blue colored MH Lamp ith Mercury and Indium Iodides

RADIUM [HRI-T 400W/Planta] Plant growing MH Lamp with Mercury, Indium and Sodium Iodides

OSRAM [HQI-T 400W/Grun] Green colored MH Lamp with Mercury and Thallium Iodides


Lampspectrum 07-01.png

Lampspectrum 07-02.png

Lampspectrum 07-03.png

Regular High Brightness Blue LED

Monochromatic emission from a Red Laser Diode

Monochromatic emission from a Green Laser Diode


Lampspectrum 08-01.png

Lampspectrum 08-02.png

Lampspectrum 08-03.png

Lampspectrum 08-04.png

PHILIPS Spectral Xenon Lamp - Continuous Xenon low pressure thermionic discharge

PHILIPS Spectral Rubidium Lamp - Continuous Rubidium low pressure thermionic discharge

PHILIPS Spectral Cadmium Lamp - Continuous Cadmium low pressure thermionic discharge

PHILIPS spectral Zinc Lamp - Continuous Zinc low pressure thermionic discharge

Glow Discharge

Lampspectrum 09-01.png

Lampspectrum 09-02.png

Lampspectrum 09-03.png

Lampspectrum 09-04.png

Lampspectrum 09-05.png

Lampspectrum 09-06.png

Neon glow discharge

Neon and Krypton glow discharge and green Phosphor (Night-Lights/Indicators)

Neon and Xenon glow discharge and green Phosphor (Night-Lights/Inicators)

Neon and Xenon glow discharge and blue Phosphor (Night-Lights/Indicators)

Argon glow discharge

Self-ballasted High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp, with yttrium vanadate phosphate fluorescent Phosphors, in glow discharge mode


Lampspectrum 10-01.png

Lampspectrum 10-02.png

Butane Gas Flame

Alcohol Flame

General Fluorescence

Lampspectrum 11-01.png

Lampspectrum 11-02.png

Lampspectrum 11-03.png

Print quality A5 Xerox paper wrapped around a blacklight Lamp

Neon green dye, bombarded with black light

Regular Modern Color TV CRT


Lampspectrum 12-01.png

Lampspectrum 12-02.png

Lampspectrum 12-03.png

Stroboscopic flash. Xenon I, likely II and perhaps III

Carbon Arc Spectrum

OSRAM [XBO 75W/2] Short Arc Xenon Lamp


Lampspectrum 13-01.png

Lampspectrum 13-02.png

Lampspectrum 13-03.png

Lampspectrum 13-04.png

Sylvania [G8T5 8W] Germicidal Lamp

Sylvania [F6T5/BLB 8W] Black Light Blue fluorescent

PHILIPS [HPW 125W] High Pressure Mercury Black Light

Sylvania [Blacklite 350 F8W/BL350] Black Light fluorescent

Mercury UV Spectrum

Lampspectrum 14-01.png

The near visible UVA Emissions from a high pressure Mercury clear Lamp

Absorption/Mixed Spectra

Lampspectrum 15-01.png

Lampspectrum 15-02.png

Lampspectrum 15-03.png

Lampspectrum 15-04.png

Lampspectrum 15-05.png

Lampspectrum 15-06.png

Lampspectrum 15-07.png

High Pressure Mercury Warm Deluxe Light ([1..3]) absorbed through blue Cobalt Glass

Incandescent Light ([1.2.3]) absorbed through blue Cobalt Glass

High Pressure Mercury Warm Deluxe Light ([1.4.3]) Absorbed through ciel dye #42053

Incandescent light ([1.2.3]) absorbed through ciel #42053

High Pressure Mercury Warm Deluxe Light ([1.4.2]) absorbed through red glass

Incandescent Light ([1.2.3]) absorbed through red glass

Incandescent Light ([1.2.3]) absorbed through olive oil