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LuXSI interface


WARNING!! This page is under construction !!

To update the content, the new version of LuXSI.

Supported Softimage / XSI Versions

Following Autodesk Softimage (ex-XSI) versions are supported:

  • 2012 (Windows 32 and 64 bits)
  • 2011 (Windows 32 and 64 bits)
  • 2010 (Windows 32 and 64 bits)
  • 7.5 (Windows 32 bits/ Linux)
  • Mod Tool 7.5 (Windows 32 bits)

Download and Install

You can download the addon from this link ..

Plugin, LuxRender binaries, spdl files for shaders and shader presets, are included into addon. You do not need any additional installation.

See this video for more details to install from .7z file. [Link:]

Run it

You find the LuXSI Renderer in the Render mode, Option Render -> LuXSI.

Run luxsi.png

If you click on it the LuXSI PPG will appear.


Main options

Luxsi ppg.png

- In the “Main” tab of LuXSI you can set the basic settings of your lxs file. It allows you to change the screen size, gamma, display interval, and has special check boxes to export hidden objects/cameras/lights in the scene.

- Select Export to file, to create the .lxs file which you can load in Luxrender, or Render scene, for open Render GUI (or console) and run render.

- In the “Render settings” tab you can change the Luxrender render settings. Be sure to read the Luxrender documentation to get more details about this settings.

Render sett.png


The concept of the plug-in is that you don't need to change anything in your Softimage scene before you export it.

LuXSI exports the Softimage settings into Luxrender settings. At the moment following materials are supported:

Softimage Luxrender Settings
Phong Glossy Diffuse specular
Arch.Vis. Matte Diffuse, Refl. Color, Reflectivity
Arch.Vis. (with Reflection) Shiny metal
Lambert Matte Diffuse
Ward Glossy Diffuse / Specular
Constant Matte Diffuse
Strauss Matte Diffuse

Texture support is still in a testing stage. It only exports textures which are directly attached to the diffuse slot at the moment!


Following lights are supported: (You must set some specific options for each type of light.)

Softimage Luxrender Settings
Spotlight Spot Color, Cone
Infinite Sun / Sky Intensity
Point light Point Color / Intensity
Point / Area Area Scale, rotate, samples or IES file

- When you use SunSky you can set portals in your scene (e.g. If your camera is in a room an the light is coming through a window. You can set the window as a portal so Luxrender knows where the light comes in [less noise]).

To do that you need to rename the objects in the scene which should become a portal. Just add “PORTAL” to the name.


If you want to use environment lighting in Luxrender you have to add an environment shader in the current Softimage pass and load an “.exr” file or HDRI.



The normal Softimage perspective camera will be exported to Luxrender.

To add a Depth of Field (DOF) effect you need to add a “Depth_of_field” shader to

the camera lens (Lens Shader tab in the camera PPG).

Dof luxsi.png


I exported a simple scene and get an error while open it in LuxRender

  • LuXSI doesn't perform a check yet if there is no light source or camera exported.
  • Check you scene in XSI and see if the camera is hidden or the light source.
  • You can switch on the "Export hidden objects/lights" box in LuXSI or unhide the things.

How to get smooth objects

  • Select the object in XSI and change the subdivision level by clicking + on the num-pad or in the GeoApproximation menu


The plug-in is written originally by Michael Gangolf and continued by Pedro Alcaide. For more information visit:

If you have comments / critic / bug reports / sample images please email them to: or




Source code

The LuXSI source code is available here:

Current bugs

Textures only work in diffuse slot, not deeper in the tree

Change log

  • Version 1.1.0:
    • Improved support for PLY files.
    • Added 'override geometry' option, very useful in large scenes.
    • With 'override geometry' can change lights or materials without having to re-export the entire scene.
    • Now we can use the PLY format for exporting geometry for use in animations.
    • Added support for animation.
    • Now, when you export the animation, LuXSI creates a .lqx files.
    • LuXSI can launch LuxRender with option -L for load .lxq files.
    • Added option 'framestep' you can export part of frames or entire animation (frame step 1).
    • Added compilation a plugin for systems with SSE2 extensions (32-bit).
    • Added x64 versions of the plugin for Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2013 (not tested with versions Softimage 2012).
    • Thank you very much to the user "l_cymer" for his invaluable contribution to LuXSI.
    • Updating the shaders.
    • Added shader libraries for all these x64 versions of Autodesk Softimage.
    • Added GUI option to enable debug messages.
    • Deleting the option "Hybrid" in "Engine type", not to create confusion for users.
  • Version 1.0.0:
    • Updated syntax to LuxRender 1.0
    • Scenes created with earlier versions may not work properly with this version.
    • Revised the code for 'area light'
    • The 'area light' is now controlled with the global panel, except 'scale' which uses the object's interface 'light'.
    • Started support particles
    • Supports 'pointclouds', exporting the LuxRender 'sphere' primitive
    • for each particle.
    • Currently missing support for animation, so exports only frame by frame.
    • Redesigned user interface.
    • New distribution options, preparing the interface to support animation
    • and particles.
    • The 'Path to LuxRender' option should only specify the folder where the
    • LuxRender binary is located, not the ".exe" itself.
    • Added new panel "About."
  • Version 0.8.0:
    • Jump to 0.8.0 version, for sync to LuxRender versions.
    • UI updated to version 0.8 of LuxRender.
    • new design dynamic UI.
    • supported .hdr files for environment
    • new "render presets".
    • fixed bug with export of subdivided surfaces.
    • changed to "addon" format.
    • as a "addon", includes everything needed for run, in one package.
    • added "halt at time" and "halt at S / pixel" in UI.
    • more options for save image formats.
    • new option "Render GUI" or "Render console. "
    • LuXSI, now generates separate files for Geometry and Materials.
  • Version 0.6.1:
    • compatible with Luxrender 0.6
    • start luxrender from LuXSI
    • updated presets
    • resume button
    • fixed spotlight export
    • set temp filename
    • set luxrender path through ini (LuXSI.ini in the Userpath)
    • fixed paths on windows
    • updated exr string in lxs file (no more warnings)
    • removed IGN
    • added PNG
    • only add one LuXSI instance in the scene
    • objects exported with locale coordinates and transformation
    • instances
  • Version 0.6:
    • fixed material export (no more redefinitions)
    • smaller lxs files (luball 0.5: 13 MB, luxball 0.6: 3 MB)
    • faster/better subdivision export (using loopsubd object in luxrender; luxball 0.5: 10 sec, luxball 0.6: 5 sec)
    • fixed point export
  • Version 0.5:
    • updated scene file format
    • surface integrators
    • presets
    • error message if no camera/object is exported
    • mirror is now plastic
    • NamedMaterials
    • cleaned up the PPG
    • fixed sunlight (by exchanging X and Z in the whole scene)
    • fixed portals
    • added resume option (hidden, switched off by default, edit lxs file to switch it on)
    • now saves untonemapped images too
    • IGI and EXR setting is back
    • Display Interval setting
    • started Luxrender shaders
  • Version 0.4:
    • car shader
    • fix in glass shader
    • PixelSampler
    • rough glass (frosted glass)
    • camera fixed! now it matches the XSI camera
    • erpt sampler
  • Version 0.3:
    • many more render settings
    • filename has now a correct filetype
    • tone mapping settings
    • bloom
    • camera dof
    • ambient color as background
    • this readme file :)
  • Version 0.2:
    • point light / spotlight as infinite lights
    • meshlight
    • exr support
    • glass/metal support for arch shader
    • Portals (name has to include PORTAL)
    • Object name as a comment in the file
  • Version 0.1:
    • basic mesh support
    • infinite light = sunlight
    • phong / arch / lamber shader support