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Lightgroups tutorial

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I asked myself how to organize this tutorial for some time, and i decided to make it a 2 part : the first (Fast Lane) for blender and luxrender power users who want to get ready in 10 minutes, and an other (In Depth) for beginners, with more detailed informations, tips and HOWTOs. It helped me a lot to write this, now some concepts are clearer in my mind, so i hope you'll enjoy reading this as i enjoyed writing it !

Oh, By the way.. the aim of this tutorial is to get you to be able to make

something like THIS LightGroups solid.jpg

look like THIS LightGroups day.jpg

or THIS LightGroups dawn.jpg

or even THAT, with a single render. LightGroups night.jpg

Fast Lane Tutorial

3 easy steps tutorial for advanced users.

In Depth Tutorial

Detailed tutorial for beginners.

--Fboyer 17:22, 28 March 2009 (GMT+1)