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How to get involved

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LuxRender is being developed by a loose group of people around the world who are voluntarily working on improving the program. Some people work on it almost every day, others less frequently, but everyone contributing time is helping the project forward. As you may have guessed, you can contribute too, even if you're not a programmer.

report bugs

LuxRender is a rapidly developing program, containing more and more features. One important task in which users can assist is making sure that everything is working as intended. As this is not always the case, we have set up a system for keeping track of bugs in the software. So if you encounter unexpected behaviour, please post it on the forum or directly in the bug tracker.

write code

If you're a programmer, there are several jobs to work on. Apart from core development and maintenance (in C/C++), we're looking for people to write exporters for various 3d programs, packagers for various platforms and people experienced in graphical user interface design and development.

create good looking images

A gallery with great looking images will result in more users trying and using in the program, which should increase the number of developers wanting to work on the program, which in turn will make the program progress faster. So if you are creating any nice art work, please post it in the finished work or work in progress forums.

write documentation

Currently, the documentation does not yet fully describe the functioning of the program yet and as the program develops, the documentation will need to be updated regularly. For most of the tasks, the only requirements are a basic understanding of LuxRender and a 3d program and the ability to write in English. In a later stage, we will start translations of the documentation.