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This page contains links to online resources that may be useful in combination with LuxRender. To suggest new links for this page, please discuss them here.



CG textures - One of the biggest and best site for textures. You can only download 15mb a day as a free member but its worth it since they have a huge amount of good quality textures. Highly recommended! Pretty much the one stop shop RECOMMENDED

2Textured - There is lots here in high quality. RECOMMENDED

Amazing textures -Hundreds of quality textures RECOMMENDED

Animax - 1000 Free textures here. *May take a while to load images.

Anniemation -Lots of nature textures, cutout leaves etc

Ben Cloward -Small amount but is quality.

David Gurrea Low resolution hand painted textures for games

Defcon-x -Heaps of very high res wood textures RECOMMENDED

Free 3ds Textures - Couple of hundred high res textures in here.

Free textures.org Lots of high resolution textures

Got 3D -Free textures of various types

Grunge textures - Couple of hundred high res textures

Image After - This one is also quite large. RECOMMENDED

Lugher Texture - Lots here high res and quality

Mayang -Lots of high res- medium quality images RECOMMENDED

Mega tex -Hundreds of textures of various types here

Michal Kotek -Offers high res (packs) of textures

Noctua graphics -459 free textures Most textures are 512x512 pixels, and seamlessly tileable. (bottom of page)

Open footage -LOTS of high res seamless textures (poorly tiled) Including other goodies RECOMMENDED

Plaintextures -Lots of high resolution textures and brushes.

Share Cg -Lots of user submitted textures of various size and quality

Texture Barn -Around a hundred medium resolution images

Texture bits -A few High resolution textures here

Textures.forrest.cz - Lots of low(ish) resolution textures of various types

Texture king - Couple of hundred high res textures in here.

Texture Love - Couple of hundred High res textures

Texture warehouse - Couple of hundred high res textures

Texturez - Couple of hundred High res textures

Tony Textures - Thousands of photographs, mostly aimed at architecture.

Vyonyx - Cutout trees, people and textures here (go to the downloads section)

Graphicall - A variety of textures photographed by Campbell Barton.

TextureMate - A repository of free textures, brushes, patterns and design articles

Sky Maps

CG textures -300+ skymaps and 20000+ textures

Free high res skymaps


Accustudio -Lots of hdr images

Aversis -A few free light probes

Bernhard Vogl -Lots of hdr panoramas

Digitalin -Chrome studio effect hdr's

Evermotion -Few hdr, few decent models

Fictional Head -packs of light probes

Hdr labs -Heaps of high res, high quality hdr panoramas here RECOMMENDED

ICt graphics lab -A few hdr panoramas

Open Footage -Lots of high quality, huge res hdr panorams here RECOMMENDED

Orkron -Hdri's

Paul Debevec -Some high res low quality probes

Sachform -Commercial site offering a few free trials

-High res Studio hdri : RECOMMENDED

http://www.unparent.com/photos_probes.html - Lots of light probes here

IES lighting files

This is a collection from a few lighting vendors. Most of them are for outdoor lighting. While these are mostly direct links to the IES downloads, it's probably a good idea to look at the lamp they are representing first so you know what result to expect.

Lamps From American Electric Lighting
Lamps from Lithonia Lighting
Lamps from Gotham Lighting(need to goto each lamp model itself on this site)
Holophane Lighting
Mark Architectural Lighting
Peerless Lighting Lamps(Like Gotham above you need to goto each lamp and dig up its IES data
Tersen Lighting
Winona Lighting